Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Snow Days

I learned this afternoon that the lucky Loudoun County Public school students will get another day off tomorrow. That's three days in a row!

The school closings reminded me to remind you how to navigate the possibility of the church building closing on Sunday morning.

What should you know if it is snowing on Sunday (especially when you are scheduled to serve):
  • First, we don't cancel Sunday services very often, and almost never for snow alone, so you should assume we're planning to gather if you haven't heard otherwise.
  • Unless the circumstances are quite extreme, the decision for cancellation will not be made until Sunday morning. Please be patient, and avoid calling on Saturday to see if there is an early decision.
  • That being said, a decision will be made no later than 7:00am on Sunday morning.
  • Regardless of when the decision is made, the cancellation will be posted on the front page of the church website immediately. Check there first.
  • If you've lost power, and you have access to an old touch-tone phone, any cancellation notice will be on the church voicemail at 301-869-2800.
  • Also, when I learn of any decision, I will send emails and make phone calls to ensure positive contact with everyone I possibly can.
Finally, and maybe most importantly, even if the Sunday service is not cancelled, please do not attempt to get here if you feel at risk. We don't want anyone getting hurt, stuck in the snow, or in a car accident. Just let me know if you honestly don't think you make it in.

Enjoy the snow!