Saturday, December 15, 2012

December Updates

Before we get too much further into the month, I have a few team updates for the month of December.

Week 2 Team - You Serve on December 30

Week 2 Team, please don't forget that you are up to cover the 5th Sunday of the month, December 30. So far, no one has said they are going to be unavailable. If you are gone that weekend, please let us know now by declining in Planning Center and ask around for a sub even today.

New Team Members

I have three new team members I want to introduce to you:
  • Paula has joined the Week 1 Discovery Land Sound Team.
  • Solomon is serving with the Week 2 Discovery Land Sound Team.
  • Jimmy is jumping in on Week 2 Auditorium Video Team running lyrics.
Make sure to introduce yourself and welcome them to the team when you see them around.

People Who Are Moving On to Serve in Other Ways

Finally, A few people are wrapping up their time of service on the production teams this month:

  • Rachel has completed her time as a lyric operator and is focusing on reaching students in the public schools with the gospel. She is interning with the youth ministry for the next year. Please pray for evangelism opportunities and for God's Spirit to change lives.
  • Liana is moving to Alaska for a while to serve family members who live there. She has been a wonderful part of the week 2 sound crew for almost two years. Before that she served on the video team as well.
  • Rob is going to shift his focus from sound to music for the spring, likely working with his family on the youth musical this year. He has been serving the children in Discovery Land Sound since 2008, though he has been involved in the sound crew in various ways even before that. He's served at 10:31 Meetings, youth musicals, and conferences. He's also been faithful to bring very helpful suggestions for improvement for the team. Thanks, Rob, for everything you've done. May God bless your next season of service!
When you see these friends around, please take a moment to thank them for their teamwork and sacrificial serving!