Wednesday, November 14, 2012

11.11 Reverb

Welcome to the Team

Before we get to a review of last weekend, I have a number of people to welcome to the team:
  • First, please welcome Anna, Nathan, Faith, and Grace to the week 2 team. Anna and Faith will be working in Discovery Land. Nathan and Grace will be helping with setup in both Discovery Land and the Auditorium.
  • Let's also welcome Andrew to the week 4 video team as the new assistant director.
  • Chris is rejoining the production teams, running lights on week 3 and the Discovery Land main board on week 4. Great to have you back, Chris.
  • Finally, please welcome Tim and Theresa to the week 4 Discovery Land sound and video team.
I thank God for each one of these people who are already giving sacrificially to serve the Savior, and especially to serve the children in Discovery Land.

December has Five Sundays - Week 2's Turn

One brief-but-important note for the week 2 team that just served this weekend: In December, we have five Sundays. It will be your turn to cover the fifth Sunday on December 30. If you are going to be out of town for the holidays, please try to find a substitute today. Thanks!

This Weekend

Now, what happened at Covenant Life this weekend?
  • Ken led us in singing to the Lord.
  • Mark guided us through small group prayer for the persecuted church.
  • Mark shared some pastoral priorities and thanked the veterans of our armed forces.
  • Josh prayed for our president and nation.
  • Josh preached on The Golden Rule. If you didn't get to hear it, review here.
Great job this weekend, team! Special thanks go to Matt and Mark, who jumped in last minute to fill some essential roles. Thanks, Olu, for stepping up and covering both the audio and video editing. Also, kudos to the auditorium sound team that managed to train new volunteers even as they had the extra work of setting up for an orchestra.

I have two small but important notes from this weekend:
  • Rest Ahead - I've been doing Sundays for 10 years now at Covenant Life, and I still find myself exhausted by the end of the second service every single week. Regardless of your role, you will be tired by the end of the day. That means you need to start the day well-rested. To be completely honest, I've noticed that a growing number of team members are pretty much spent by the time they arrive on Sunday morning. Sometime in the second service, if not before, they lose focus and struggle to stay awake. As a reminder, your service to the church really begins on Saturday night. That's what makes this area of serving so sacrificial. You are not only asked to arrive early, but you will probably need to forego some Saturday night activities in order to get a good night's sleep. Thanks for making every effort to arrive rested and ready to serve with excellence on Sunday. Sidenote: If you ever need caffiene, there is coffee in the green room and I am happy to provide Mountain Dew to help push you through!
  • Double Check the Staff - Whenever I create the paperwork for Saturday night setups, I always include some "test" for the sound crew, to see if they find the discrepancy. It's not a mistake. It's a test. Yeeeah, right. We all make mistakes, and those of us on staff are no different. Whether it's a speaker who puts a period at the end of a sentence fragment, or announcements in an alternate order, or incorrect or missing Scripture references, we need your eyes and minds to help get the details right. Those preparing for the services try their best to catch every little detail. We want to hand it to you in an accurate form, so you can just knock the production execution out of the park. However, we miss stuff. If you notice anything that seems out of sorts, please don't hesitate to ask your tech director about it and get clarity on how to make it right.

Also, we tried something new this weekend. We closed the bleachers for the second service. What did we learn in the process?
  • Having everyone seated in the bowl made it feel much more full, but we still had plenty of seats left over for future growth.
  • Mark taught me how to create and use inhibitive submasters on the lighting board, which helped a lot with the transition between services. More on this in the future.
  • This was the first time we've had a direct comparison between two identical services, one with the curtains up and one with the curtains down. Two things changed between services: one brighter and one darker.
  • Brighter - The mix immediately became brighter, even harsh, at the mix position. Reflections off the curtains definitely affected the sonic nature of the room. I want to experiment with mixing Saturday rehearsals with the curtains down, so that we can acclimate to the brighter sonic space from the get-go.
  • Darker - While the mix became brighter, the room looked a lot darker. I think we may want to bump the house lights 5-10% for the 2nd service. We'll experiment with that this weekend.