Saturday, October 06, 2012

Reverb 9.30

Because I haven't written a weekend-in-review post in a few weeks, and because the list of items I have to share with you this week are a bit random, let's just jump right in.

1)  I haven't posted recently because I was on vacation with my wife's extended family for the last two weeks of September. That wouldn't have happened without extra hard work from Beth, Patrick, and Josh, who bound together as a team to cover for my absence. Thanks as well to all of you who stepped in, sometimes at the last minute, to help them make it all happen.

2)  I want to thank four people who wrapped up their serving on the production teams in September:
  • Joe E. has been helping with auditorium setup for a couple years.
  • Gordon helped us launch online video this last year.
  • Joe D. has been serving in sermon media for at least ten years. I don't think I can even guess how many people have heard God's word preached because of his work!
  • And Brandon has been the lone sound guy in fourth week Discovery Land for a while. Also, just today, Brandon's wife gave birth to their second child, Karina. Congratulations, Brandon and Annie!
3)  I also want to welcome John to the week 4 video team. John is joining the team as the camera 2 operator. Please stop by the camera 2 platform on October 28, meet John, and welcome him to the production teams.

4)  Don't forget the production teams picnic next weekend, October 14th! There will be food, games, fellowship, and - of course - water balloons. RSVP today if you haven't already.

Finally, on to a couple notes from the last month:

Music Stands - As the video crew will be well aware, sometimes music stands end up in the way of your ideal camera shot. A small shift to the right or the left can resolve that. However, please don't move any music stands without the approval of the musician. We have some musicians that truly need the music stand on one side or the other for inescapable reasons such as bad eyesight in just one eye.

Sermon In and Out Points - As I've mentioned in previous posts, with the advent of online video, we need to have identical in and out points for both the audio and video recordings. The Tech Directors and Assistant Tech Directors are going to facilitate communication between audio and video editors, but I thought it might be helpful to share our general guidelines for Sunday sermons with the entire team.

For in points, the most important thing to remember is that the sermon should start when the sermon starts, not necessarily when the pastors starts speaking. The first thing that a person hears or sees should be real message content.

With that in mind, here are the normal things that a pastors speaks:
  • Introductory Comments - These are comments like... "Thanks for praying for me while I was travelling to see sick family members." "It's great to be here with you, church." "Wasn't that a great time of singing?" "I want to encourage you to attend that thing that someone just announced." Even "Turn in your Bibles to _____" often qualifies. Introductory comments are rarely in the manuscript and they should always be removed from the recording.
  • Scripture Reading - whenever possible, we want to include the Scripture reading on the recording. However,  we won't include it if it comes before the...
  • Introductory Prayer - The introductory prayer should be removed from the recording, unless it happens after the manuscript content begins.
  • Manuscript Content - This is what we want to have on the recording.
  • "Let's Pray" - The recording should end before we hear this.
  • Closing Prayer - We don't want to include the closing prayer in the recordings.
Here are some routine examples and what would be cut out in that case:
  • Intro, Scripture, Prayer, Manuscript, "Let's pray," Closing Prayer.
  • Intro, Prayer, Scripture, Manuscript, "Let's pray," Closing Prayer.
  • Intro, Prayer, Manuscript starts, Scripture, Manuscript continues, "Let's pray," Closing Prayer.
  • Intro, Manuscript start, Scripture, Prayer, Manuscript continues, "Let's pray," Closing Prayer.
Thanks for paying attention to all these little details.

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