Saturday, August 25, 2012

Reverb 8.19

What Happened Last Sunday?
  • Eric McAllister led us in singing, bringing in a Go-Go feel and call and response time to the first song.
  • Jefferson Bethke shared his poem, "Death of YOLO."
  • We played a video to highlight what could happen if people don't sign up to help in Discovery Land.
  • Josh Harris shared some important notes for the church.
  • A missionary-pastor preached.

Thoughts from Last Sunday

For the first time in about a year, I had the chance to mix this Sunday. I enjoyed working with the unusual arrangements, but I'm never sure exactly how to evaluate the mix when I'm the one mixing. What suggestions or thoughts do you have from the mix this weekend?

In the last six weeks, we've had four different guys lead us in singing. I hope we'll see more people using their gifts of music and leadership to guide us into the worship of Jesus. With more people leading less frequently, the sound crew should take the lead during soundcheck, making it very clear what we need from the musicians in order to serve them well. Some of our worship leaders understand the process better than others, which is just fine. Let's make some extra effort in the next few months to over-communicate and carefully educate.

Anything I missed?

Upcoming Training

Also, we're hoping to get some training back on the schedule this fall. The tentative training schedule looks like:
  • Advanced Stage Setup - For all sound crew members - September 22nd, Afternoon
  • Advanced Camera Operation - For all camera operators - October 20th, Afternoon
  • Advanced Monitor Mixing - For all sound crew members - November 17th, Afternoon
These dates are not set in stone yet, but please pencil them in to your calendars, and we'll confirm in the near future.

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Ron Moore said...

as an example of what Dave said about needing to over-communicate, we had this miscommunication last Saturday -
we informed Eric several times that we needed to set gains before proceeding with the rehearsal, but he kept interpreting that as rehearsing a song featuring the full band. I should have taken the time to explain exactly what the process of setting gains involved instead of assuming he understood all the terms we use.