Friday, August 17, 2012

Reverb 8.12

Before I get to a review of last Sunday, we have a gift for those of you serving in Discovery Land. Here's what you can look forward to next time you serve:

We got you a new iMac to replace the white MacBook. It's going to be much faster and hopefully more stable as well.

There are a few things you should know:
  • If you want to be the first to run it, call or email me. We are still looking for someone to run Discovery Land lights and video this weekend.
  • I cleaned up the desktop and resynced the song list. You shouldn't be missing anything critical, but if you have your own flavor of slides that you didn't label and file in a clear matter, they are probably gone.
  • If the songs don't look like they are formatted correctly, click on the yellow triangle in the upper right corner of the presentation area of ProPresenter to make that song fit the widescreen format.
  • And so the Discovery Land sound teams don't feel left out, the white MacBook will replace the Events Center Jukebox laptop when it returns next week from the Worthy12 youth retreat.
Now, a quick review of last Sunday:
  • Ken Boer led us in singing and reading Scripture.
  • Kevin Rogers shared some items of importance in the life of the church.
  • Josh Harris preached "Don't Break Your Marriage or Your Word." You can review it here.
I have just four notes from Sunday:
  • Overall Positive Feedback on Singing - We got a number of comments about how great the time of singing was, so thanks especially to the sound crew and Rachel on lyrics for helping serve people so well.
  • Low End in the "New" PA - Luke did a great job on the mix this weekend. Even though it was slightly louder than usual, it sounded so good. He really got the kick and bass right, even with the new tuning.
  • Drums in the Mix - Another piece to the great mix was that the drums were predominantly in the PA, which is critical to the energy and cohesiveness of the mix. I think we can sometimes "hear" the drums as a combination of the acoustic sound and some PA sound. But the sense of the drum sound needs to be mostly PA in order for the mix to sound it's best. This may require the drums to be a little bit louder than we usually mix them. Tip: If the drummer eases up and the imaging of the drums seems to shift from the PA to the stage, they probably need to be turned up in the PA ever so slightly.
  • Announcement Slides on the Confidence Monitors - I've noticed that several of our graphics operators have begun to run the announcements slides from the video/image bin in ProPresenter. At first this didn't strike me as problematic, and it's definitely simpler. However, presenting from the bin doesn't push the images to the confidence monitors, so the pastors have no idea if the slides are up or not. If this has become your practice, please go back to creating a presentation of the slides, so that they show up on the confidence monitors.

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