Thursday, June 28, 2012

July Calendar Craziness

Just like in April, the July calendar is a bit crazy, so this post is to clarify who is serving on what weekends.

First, I want to mention the two crazy things that could catch you by surprise and how you can remedy them:

Surprise 1: The first of the month is a Sunday, which means that the first Saturday is actually before the 2nd Sunday, the second Saturday is before the third Sunday, and so on.

Remedy: Count Sundays, not Saturdays, when you are trying to figure out when you serve.

Surprise 2: There are five Sundays in July.

Remedy: Count Sundays from the first Sunday of the month. Don't think of yourself as "the last week of the month" or "the week before the last week of the month." Also, It's the week 4 team's turn to cover the 5th Sunday.

Here's the actual schedule:
  • June 30-July 1 = Week 1 Team
  • July 7-8 = Week 2 Team
  • July 14-15 = Week 3 Team
  • July 21-22 = Week 4 Team
  • July 28-29 = Week 4 Team
Thanks for serving, everyone!


Anonymous said...

Surprise 2-1/2. There are also 5 Sundays in July.

Dave Wilcox said...

Who knew? Thanks for pointing out that error!