Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Not All In-Ears Are Created Equal

This picture shows the three types of in-ears that we currently have available for our musicians. These three types are not created equal, however.

What's the difference?
  • The pair on the left is an old Shure E3 headset. It is a single-driver in-ear that will work fine for vocals and some instrumentalists.
  • The pair in the middle is the Shure SE425. This is a dual-driver in-ear that will sound better than the old E3, and it will have much better bass response for drummers, percussionists, and bass players.
  • The pair on the far right is the current version of the E3, now called the SE315. This is what comes we get when our old E3s get "repaired."
So, what should you use when? Well, here's a good order of operations:
  1. Use all of the 425s first. They sound the best and will help the musicians hear the most accurately. If there are not enough 425s for the whole band, prioritize the drums, bass, worship leader, and electric guitar players first.
  2. Use all of the 315s next. Since they are all newer than the E3s, they won't be as fatigued and should sound better.
  3. Use the E3s as a last resort.


Anonymous said...


Do you want us to literally prioritize as stated above?

1) drums
2) bass
3) w. leader
4) e. guitarist(s)

Or just those four positions as we're able? Also, how many 425's do we theoretically have?


Dave Wilcox said...

Yes, I would like everyone to prioritize as listed. We have 8 or so 425s, so most everyone should be able to get a pair of those.

Anthony S Guyer said...

Not a huge deal but the first pair of buds in your picture are E4's as apposed to E3's. The E4's had a little more bass response but more importantly held up a little better due to the unscrewable metal part at the driver. The old E3's used to break all the time at that plastic seam. Of course Shure doesn't make either of those anymore, so carry on.

Dave Wilcox said...

Thanks for clarifying, Anthony. I could never keep the E-fill-in-the-blank ones straight!