Friday, October 14, 2011

A Video, A Survey, and a Couple Lighting Notes

Here's a tribute to all you gurus out there...

And now for something completely different...

Can you take a second to complete this brief survey about your thoughts on our volume levels?

And now for something completely different...

Two small notes for lighting folks and other interested parties:
  1. The window blinds are now controlled via a remote in the FOH booth. It's on the wall next to the architectural lighting controls. Step 1: Press the button to indicate whether you want to adjust the left or the right curtain (you can do both at the same time by pressing both buttons); Step 2: Press the Up, Down, or Stop button as appropriate.
  2. House lighting diagrams are now updated and in the lighting binder. If you want to see what channel or dimmer controls a particular section of house lights, reference these two diagrams. Please note that the channels and dimmers are not set up one-for-one, so it's important to know which diagram to look at. To turn on and off house lights, use the channel diagram. To troubleshoot dimmer rack problems, use the dimmer diagram.