Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Rechargeable Batteries in the Edwards Room

We now have a rechargeable battery station in the Edwards Room. It is nearly identical to the ones in the auditorium and events center. If you need a refresher on proper rechargeable battery procedure, please review this post.

There are a few minor adjustments for the Edwards Room:
  • The batteries are in the amp rack in the closet above the wireless mics.
  • The Edwards Room will use a maximum of 8 AA batteries at a time, and there are 16 batteries in the charger. Please return batteries to the charger when you are done. Do not leave them in the microphones.
  • There is a charger opening tool in the drawer with the wireless microphones.
Please do not lose, recycle or trash these batteries! We've lost about 16 already in the auditorium. Please make every effort to remove all batteries at the end of every time and do a count to make sure you have them all before you go.

You can see the location of the charger here, below the autorecorder and above the drawer with the wireless mics:


LePetitMaison said...


I'm curious what brand and models you are using for your recharging units and why? Also, do you have a preferred brand and type of rechargeable battery and why? Are lithiums in mainstream use yet? I haven't seen any units available yet for those.

Everett Petit
Covenant Fellowship, Glen Mills PA

Dave Wilcox said...

Hi, Everett.

Thanks for asking.

The most thorough church-related tests I've seen are described here:

They were done by Mike Sessler, another church tech director in California.

We opted for the Ansmann batteries, primarily because of size and because of the rack-mount charger option. They still last longer than alkalines and save a good bit of money.

I'm not aware of lithiums in mainstream use, but that doesn't mean no one is using them.