Friday, September 30, 2011

New Discovery Land Tech Paperwork

This Sunday begins the new Discovery Land creative team year, which means new bands, new lead worshippers, and new tree house gang members.

In preparation for the new year, I met with the creative team coordinator to get the new personnel lists, and we've built new tech paperwork for this coming year.

Here's what you need to know:

  • Layout - The layout for the paperwork has been de-cluttered. The new paperwork looks almost identical to the auditorium paperwork, so that you can easily switch between the two rooms.
  • Standardization - We have standardized the paperwork, primarily so that we can have semi-permanent labels on the mixers for inputs and outputs. The biggest change from this will be that drums and bass will be required to use headphones each week. It won't be an option for them any more.
  • Binder - Five copies of each week's paperwork, as well as one master set of each, is in a binder in the monitor board drawer. Producers should not have to print the paperwork each week, as long as your team is faithful to return the paperwork to the binder at the end of each weekend.
  • Switching Weeks - The binder will also allow people who switch weeks to have access to other teams' paperwork.
  • Online Access - The paperwork is also available on Planning Center under the Adventure ministry attachments. To find them, log in to your plan, then click the Up Folder icon next to "Adventure" at the top. You should now see "4 - Discovery Land" at the top. Click the triangle next to "Adventure" if the list of plans is not open. Look at the bottom of the list of plans for all the paperwork attachments.
  • Changes - If you find that your paperwork needs to be changed for the long-haul, please let me know. I'll make the changes and update the binder.
  • Forward-Looking - I've tried to be forward-looking with this paperwork, so you'll see some mic and monitor assignments that you don't have available yet. I hope to purchase or re-assign these things very soon. If you don't have everything on the current lists available in October, just do your best with what you have in inventory.
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