Saturday, June 04, 2011


Summer is officially here.

How do I know?

You might think I'd know because it's getting warm outside, or because I witnessed the first graduation of the season today (congrats, Caleb!). Or it could be that memorial day weekend is over, or because the next big event at Covenant Life is a kids camp called Summer Celebration.

What is really tipping me off, however, is the high number of production teams members looking for substitutes because they are now gone or going on vacation!

So, here are a few summer survival tips, based on the "golden rule" for golden summer days:
"Do to others as you would have them do to you." - Jesus
  • Today - Look for a sub for your vacation today. Not tomorrow. Not next week. Today. By giving people advance notice, you give them time to process your request. You increase your likelihood of finding someone, and you may even be able to work out a deal that allows you to switch with someone else who needs a sub.
  • Reply - When you get an email or voicemail request for sub, reply right away. Reply, even if you have to decline. Silence stalls the process and makes it very difficult for the person asking to know what the right next step is. To be honest, I get regular and frequent notes from team members saying they looked for a sub and got no responses. Friends, this should not be. I'm confident that, if you were the one in need, you'd want people to respond to you.
  • Serve - With many people travelling, if you are home and available when someone needs a sub, that's probably a good sign that you should serve. Please be leaning forward, looking for opportunities to bless others by freeing them to leave town.
If you need a list of possible subs, please contact DJ at the church office, and she'll get you the most recent list.

The sub requests are on their way. Please don't become numb to them because they are more frequent now than during the school year. Instead, consider this an opportunity to serve others and bless them.

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