Wednesday, March 09, 2011

3.6 Reverb

We had another great weekend just a few days ago.
The production side of the services went pretty smoothly, but there is always something to learn.

Work Day Audio Setup - We had a work day on Saturday (more coming soon on what we accomplished). For several recent work days, we've set up the stage for Sunday during the work day and then let the Sunday team come in later. While I love the idea of this, it isn't working out well. It has regularly led to a significant delay in the rehearsal start time as the Sunday crew tries to get up-to-speed on the setup and troubleshoot whatever isn't working correctly. This same thing happened again this week. In the future, we're just going to leave the setup to the Sunday crew. If they happen to be at the work day, they can set up early, but they need to do the setup themselves.

Where is the Person Who is Sharing Her Testimony? - A woman shared her testimony in the first service this weekend, but we still hadn't located her by the time that the service began. Rob ran around for a while looking for her. In the future, Kjersten will hold anyone giving a testimony at the sound booth until he or she has a microphone on. Audio producers should go to the sound booth to get them a microphone.

Starting Early - We "accidentally" started the first service early. John David began to vamp about two minutes before the service was supposed to start. Not knowing exactly what JD had in mind, we brought the lights up about one minute before the service was supposed to start. Then we started to sing. I have since found out that JD didn't even realize he was starting early. Certainly there was no harm done, since early is definitely better than late. In the future, though, let's wait to bring up the lights until the official start time or when the singers actually begin to sing, just to make sure that we don't force the attention on the band before they are ready.

Spike the Location of the Worship Leaders Equipment - Sound crew and lighting crew, we need to work together to make sure to spike the location of the worship leader's equipment, and ensure that it returns to the right spot before each singing time. This weekend, the lights were aimed with JD's mic in one place. Then JD moved it for rehearsal. Then the sound crew "put it back," but not quite in the light, and spiked it. As a result, JD's left side of his face was pretty dark in the first service.

Baptism Video Sequences - The video team nailed the baptism camera sequence, and even got John David on screen for his brief "Please be seated." Well done!

Power Outage - After the first service, we had a power outage. That always increases the level of excitement. Thankfully, everything held pretty well except that the lighting board lost it's programming. Thanks, Dave, for rebuilding those cues quickly between services. Time to get another battery backup.

We are looking into how to handle a service if the power stays off indefinitely and we have to run everything off generator power. Right now, not a single outlet in the new addition has electricity when we switch over to the generator. We are in the process of wiring up the stage so that we can pull out a simple portable sound system and get a little amplification for a sermon.