Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Discovery Land Wireless Microphone Changes

I am excited to announce that we finally have everything in place to make some official changes to wireless microphones in Discovery Land.

As the sound crews in Discovery Land are aware, the Tree House Gang and Lead Worshippers have gone through a few E6 headset mics in their day, so we've been looking for a less expensive alternative to the E6.

For about the cost of an E6 repair, we can purchase a brand new MM-Audio headset microphone. About six months ago, we switched over about half of our E6 stock to MM-Audio single-ear headset mics, and no one even noticed the difference, so we are going to switch the other half over to MM-Audio double-ear headset mics.

As of today, the new Events Center wireless headset microphone stock will be:
You will undoubtedly notice that we now have 17 headset mics for 9 beltpacks. The goal is to allow each person to have his or her own headset, and then he simply switches beltpacks with the next person who needs it. The headset mic will stay with the actor or singer. This should reduce the number of breakages significantly.

I'd also like to formalize who gets what types of microphones. The teacher will get the E6 mic, the Tree House Gang will get the MM-Audio headsets, and Lead Worshippers will get the Shure WCM16s.

Please comment if you have any questions or further suggestions.

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