Wednesday, January 19, 2011

1.9.11 Reverb

Last Sunday was another excellent weekend on the production teams. What happened on Sunday?
I wanted to thank the great group that came out the all-team meeting on Sunday afternoon. I am grateful that you would take the time to attend, and I appreciated those of you who participated in the discussion. We got a lot of good ideas from you.

Have just a few thoughts from this last weekend...

Pre-Service Prayer Slides

I am grateful for the way the team has embraced the new pre-service prayer and even the extended serving after the meeting to allow for more singing after the official dismissal. I know that it has been a sacrifice, but you have given that extra time and effort without complaining. Thank you.

We are going to be altering the pre-service prayer slide arrangement slightly in order to help make them feel more natural. We will use a generic "Pre-Service Prayer" slide on the center screen to clarify that we are in prayer time when people enter. The prayer points will show up on the side screens. Not only will this be more clear for those entering the auditorium, it will also allow us to naturally take the points down when Josh wants to pray for something for which we don't have a slide and when he is closing the prayer time.

Disc Duplication Change

As of now, the sermon media team no longer needs to duplicate CDs or DVDs for the bookstore. Sales in the bookstore are so small these days that we often throw most of these away. We will fill any bookstore orders during the week. Please continue to duplicate the DVDs for the prison ministry. This is a significant blessing to their ministry!

New Headset Microphones for Discovery Land

If you didn't get a chance, check out the new headset microphone plan for Discovery Land. The picture above shows the latest addition to the microphone list.

Food Policy Reminder

As hot drinks become more important to wintertime survival and as break times are reduced because of pre-service prayer, I want to remind you about the rules for eating and drinking at the church. In general, the church has become pretty lenient with food and drinks, but there are two limitations:
  1. No food or drinks on tables near equipment. Yes, this does include the auditorium main booth desk, monitor booth desk and racks, IMAG control room desks, events center mixer rack, events center monitor desk, events center projection desk, edwards room desk, and anywhere else you think it may apply. Please put all food items away from both the equipment and people traffic areas. The purpose of this rule is to protect our equipment from accidental spills and crumbs. Please keep our equipment in great shape.
  2. No food or drink is allowed in the auditorium at all between 8:30a and 1:30p on Sundays. Please finish your coffee and snacks before the doors open for prayer at 8:30am. The purpose of this rule is to protect the congregation from temptation. No one is allowed to have food or drink in the auditorium, and that includes us. If you are not done, please take your food back to the green room when you have a break.
With the new pre-service prayer schedule on Sundays, auditorium team members will need to be thinking ahead to take breaks for sustenance when you have the chance. When in doubt, though, take your food and drinks to the green room.

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