Wednesday, January 26, 2011

1.23.11 Reverb

This Sunday's sermon entitled Death Shall Be No More was an important reminder of the way God will triumph at the end of time. Death is not the end for those who have trusted in Christ for their salvation.

For those readers outside of Covenant Life, this last week we mourned the loss of two very dear people in our church family: John Spiro and Amy Calderone. Meanwhile, extended family members of two pastors have also passed away recently. The atmosphere around the church has been appropriately sober and filled with a greater longing for heaven.

On Sunday, Bob Kauflin led us in singing about the return of Christ, solidifying our desire to see Christ soon. We also sang a poem written by Amy Calderone about trusting in God through suffering.

Even as we mourned together, we saw eight people baptized in Sunday's service, reminding us that God is about the business of bringing his people into a new life that death will never end.

I have four quick things that you all should know...

5th Sundays - This coming Sunday is a 5th Sunday, and the week 2 team is supposed to cover the weekend. However, I blew it. I didn't get to everyone ahead of time to let them know that they are supposed to serve.

As a precaution for the future, please look ahead on your calendar and note the rest of the 5th Sundays for the year:
  • May 28-29 = Week 3 (this is also memorial day weekend and Next11, so find your subs now)
  • July 30-31 = Week 4
  • October 29-30 = Week 1

Sermon Videos - In preparation for some other new website components, we have set up a channel on Vimeo for our sermon videos. You can now see your work each week here. This is not the final way we're going to present our videos, so the videos are not accessible from our main site. However, we'd love your feedback on quality and usability if you have a second to watch one of the videos.

Drama Time - Yep, the spring and summer string of dramas is here and will be here for some time to come. Sound crew, that means that we will almost always need to clear the stage on Sundays. It also means that you should not trust the sound board settings when you walk in. Grouping and EQs will more often be changed on "standard" channels as we stretch our wireless capacity to the max.

Beginning Baptism Videos - The worship leader usually transitions from singing to baptisms by saying "Please be seated as we watch some people express their faith in God and be baptized." Officially, I'd like to see the worship leader say that. However, it is most important that we see the actually pastoral introduction.

Because we have limited camera shot options, we only have one way to get cleanly into baptisms: Get the worship leader "please be seated" shot from Cam 2 and then get the pastoral introduction from Cam 1. If you can't get the worship leader shot from Cam 2 for whatever reason, just skip it and lock in Cam 1 on pastor in the baptistery.

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