Wednesday, December 01, 2010

November Reverb


Thanks for serving this month at the Sovereign Grace Pastors Conference and Work Day (0:00-1:43)

Updates from Work Day for the audio team (1:44-4:00)
  • Wireless mic audio lines are now working.
  • New in-ear organization in a pillbox.
  • New labels on the auditorium front-of-house and monitor mixers.
Review of last Sunday for the video team (4:01-6:50)
  • Cam 4 operator should go to Cam 5 when the pastors and the people being baptized go up on stage.
  • Please go to black immediately after "the hug" after someone is baptized.
  • pdf files do not work correctly in ProPresenter. Please convert everything to jpg before importing.
Christmas Eve Update for everyone (6:51-7:29)
  • If you can give 20 minute after the Christmas Eve service on December 24, we could use your help. Look for a planning center invite.


Cara said...

For the record, my Love, this is not what you look like when you're angry. For which I'm grateful. :)

-your wife

Jesse said...

One of my techs suggested I start doing video updates like this. I love the idea... I just wish I had the time!

I love the random Vimeo thumbnail too. We get some good ones from sermons sometimes. You can change it under settings/thumbnail (9 choices or upload your own), but it does take some of the fun out of it...

Neumie said...

I see undistract is holding down the fort with 'reverbs' in light of the long time absense of 'overdrives' :)

Keep it up Dave, hope all is well in MD.