Sunday, October 10, 2010

10.10 Reverb

  • Video - Don't work so hard on Camera 4 that you undo the good you've done so far.
  • Video - If Camera 4 seems to change color through the meeting, please let me know.
  • ProPresenter - To "export" a playlist, drag and drop from the ProPresenter window to a Finder window. Right-click + Export does not work correctly.
  • ProPresenter - To "import" a playlist, drag and drop does not work. Instead, double-click on the playlist in the Finder window, and it will open correctly in ProPresenter.
  • ProPresenter - Make sure to add all images and videos to the image/video bin before attempting to add them to a presentation.
  • Audio Recording - The backup audio recording will now run through the break between the services. This will delay the availability of the backup audio recording if we need it.
  • Video Recording - Watch your checklist for an added item: we will record all speech on tape in the 1st service, not just the sermon (and baptisms). From now on, we'll also record baptisms, announcements, and sermon.

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