Friday, October 22, 2010

Happy Holidays!

Bullet Summary:
  • Thanks for serving sacrificially all the time, but especially during the holidays.
  • Week 4 Team - You are serving on November 27-28 and December 26. Get subs now if you need them.
  • Our next work day is on November 27th, the Saturday after Thanksgiving.
  • Because Christmas falls on Saturday, we will be setting up the auditorium for Sunday, December 26 after the Christmas Eve Service on December 24. We could use everyone's help!
  • The Christmas Eve Service team invitations will be going out shortly.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

10.17 Reverb

Summary of Main Ideas:

  • Thanks to week 3 for their hard work and flexibility to make the first run at pre-service prayer happen.
  • All production prep for the 1st service must be done by 8:25a as opposed to 8:30a.
  • Josh Harris will do his best to completely end the 1st service no later than 10:35a.
  • We will standardize the time when the tech director meets with the different team leaders between services. Josh Davis will communicate the details with week 4 team for this weekend, and we'll see how it works.
  • Because we have limited time to prep, every individual needs to do his or her best to get things done right the first time. Don't count on others to cover for you or double-check you. If there is anything on your checklist that you don't know how to do, please ask someone to teach you so that you can own your responsibilities fully.
  • Reminder: please white balance cameras with the sermon lighting cue on. There should be no colored lights on the stage. Also, leave the white board in one place, so that all the cameras get the same white reference.
  • Added to Cam 4 Checklist: Make sure your gain setting is always on "Low."
  • Graphics: 1) Main points with numbers or bullets should have the 2nd line indented. 2) In prose, do not capitalize the pronouns that refer to God.
  • Challenge to Lyrics Operators - Take the time to get to know the music, not just the time to get the information about the song list.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

10.10 Reverb

  • Video - Don't work so hard on Camera 4 that you undo the good you've done so far.
  • Video - If Camera 4 seems to change color through the meeting, please let me know.
  • ProPresenter - To "export" a playlist, drag and drop from the ProPresenter window to a Finder window. Right-click + Export does not work correctly.
  • ProPresenter - To "import" a playlist, drag and drop does not work. Instead, double-click on the playlist in the Finder window, and it will open correctly in ProPresenter.
  • ProPresenter - Make sure to add all images and videos to the image/video bin before attempting to add them to a presentation.
  • Audio Recording - The backup audio recording will now run through the break between the services. This will delay the availability of the backup audio recording if we need it.
  • Video Recording - Watch your checklist for an added item: we will record all speech on tape in the 1st service, not just the sermon (and baptisms). From now on, we'll also record baptisms, announcements, and sermon.

Friday, October 08, 2010

10.3 Reverb

  • A band with two electric guitars is a great sound, but we need to work on the transitions with this instrumentation. This may mean having the keyboard player lead the transitions.
  • Once we "open doors" at 8:30am, all "just for fun" stuff should end.
  • We may eliminate "live" pulpit swaps, and the pulpit will often stay up on stage for closing songs.
  • The lighting team must check the focus on each individual band light with people in place, not just as a group of lights with the whole band up.
  • Also, we will be requiring that we go to sermon lighting whenever someone comes up on stage to speak, even if it's not planned.
  • My hair is a mess in this video! Where was the makeup artist?