Thursday, March 25, 2010

ProPresenter and Video Team Changes

We are only three Sundays away from what will be a watershed moment for our video team. On April 11, 2010, we are finally casting off SundayPlus and Keynote and making the switch to ProPresenter. ProPresenter is a single software package that will allow us to handle all of our video content needs other than live camera shots. With this software change, there will be a number of other changes for the video team.

Sidenote: those who are directly affected by these changes have been notified and are in the process of reassignment and retraining. This post is to update those of you on the video team indirectly affected by the changes.

Video Team Role Changes - We are using the change in software to also make some changes in the team roles and responsibilities. We used to have three positions, two people running lyrics and sermon notes (Lyrics) and one person playing back announcement slides and DVDs as well as handling all the recordings (Playback).

Those three people will now be arranged differently. There will be one Lyrics Operator, who is responsible only for song lyrics via ProPresenter. Alongside the Lyrics Operator will be one Graphics Operator, who is responsible for announcement slides and sermon notes. And we are adding a new person to the Sermon Media team: Sermon Video, who will be responsible for recording to the tapes, DVDs, and directly to computer.

Computer Arrangement Change - We will also be moving computers around to make the most of the switch to ProPresenter. Instead of having both computers in the sound booth show up as CPU1 in the video room, the two computers in the booth will show up seperately as CPU1 (run by Lyrics Operator) and CPU2 (run by Graphics Operator). CPU3 will remain in the video control room as a backup.

Stage Display on Confidence Monitors - ProPresenter 4 has a great feature called stage display, which allows a third output from the computers in the booth to be shown to the people on stage through the confidence monitors. This extra output includes a clock as well as both the current and the next slides, which will be a significant benefit to the singers.

To enable this feature, we will have to reconfigure the matrix switcher. We'll be removing CPU3 and DVD1 from the inputs and adding CPU1 Stage and CPU2 Stage. Each matrix switcher preset will be slightly different, though the number of presets required will likely be very similar to our current arrangement.

Please comment away if you have any questions on how this will affect you.


Anonymous said...

What is the events center setup going to be like?

Dave Wilcox said...

Great question, Caleb.

The EC won't change until May, and that will start off with just a hardware and software switch. The current windows computer will change to mac. No stage display at this point.

Chris said...

Should the Video producer then meet with the Graphics Operator to go over any items, especially those requiring coordination with the house director? I'm assuming yes so logistically it may be easier for the Graphics Operator to come to the video room upstairs or we can do it via headset once all three are ready.

Dave Wilcox said...

There will definitely need to be more coordination between the house director and the folks in the booth than ever before. The graphics operator will get to be on headset the whole time, so that the video room has constant contact with those in the booth, unlike the current setup. We still have to figure out the best arrangement to facilitate the discussion, but the discussion definitely needs to happen.

Bob said...

I am so blessed to know that men, very capable are in charge of setting this up. It is and will be a blessing to all of the church.
God bless you!

Dave Alden said...

"... recording directly to computer." is
a new component of the recording tasks already being performed. What computer will be used for this and what will be done with the recording?

Dave Wilcox said...

Hi, Dave.

The exact answer to your question is TBD. We'll likely use the G5 mac which is near the recording station and record directly into Final Cut Pro. The use will be to create video podcast files and DVDs with "bumpers" (intros and outros), but those are all long-run goals.

Short-term, we want to begin testing video podcast files for quality and compatibility.

Dennis Cook said...

Looks like you've already taken care of my concern: That graphics (and lyrics?) operator be on headset.

I think it's valuable to be able to coordinate cues realtime, and not have to assume one another is on cue.


oladunjoye olalekan said...

What hardwares do i need to step a computer and also including 1 confidence monitor on the pulpit using propresenter