Wednesday, March 24, 2010

3.21 Reverb

So, my return to Reverb posting is still happening in fits and starts, but I hope to return to weekly posts in the not-too-distant future. I have been encouraged by the team, in order to keep up the posting, to limit each post to the essentials, so here goes.

Great Job Video Team - The video team this weekend did a great job. The baptisms were seamless in both meetings, and both Cam 4 and Cam 5 looked great. Thanks for your attention to detail and excellence in execution.

Tall Guys at the Short Pulpit - If we end up with a situation like we did on Sunday, where a tall guy is behind the short pulpit, the video team should push in and remove the pulpit from the shot. I'm going to be more careful to get the right pulpit up there, but in case something odd like this happens in the future, you can just ignore the pulpit and get a medium shot, waist up.

Baptism DVDs - We recently purchased a new HD-DVD recorder, which will allow us to easily create a DVD of just baptisms. These DVDs are occasionally given to or ordered by the people who have been baptized. Sermon Media, Playback, and Video Producer checklists will be updated to adjust for this addition to the routine. Please look closely next time you serve.

Dress Code - It's March madness and Duke is still in the tourney (sorry Terps!), and the weather is getting warmer. Please remember our simple dress code: Dark clothing is preferred; please, no shorts, and; please, no shirts with large recognizable logos or words. We want to remain in the background.

Snacks in the Green Room - Yep, we still have snacks in the green room. No change there. But I realized just this weekend that the sermon media team may not been officially invited yet. If you are serving through both services, you are now officially invited. Please come out of your little recording closet after the first service editing is completed and enjoy coffee and snack bars in the green room backstage.

See you next weekend, friends, and feel free to leave your comments and thoughts here.


brianvw said...

Thanks for the posts, Dave! BTW - what kind of HD-DVD recorder did you get, and where did you get it? We're considering one up here in Philly. Grace - brian

Dave Wilcox said...

Hey, Brian.

We got a Panasonic DMR-EH69 from B&H Photo/Video. It was about $450. It's not "professional" since it doesn't have balanced audio ins and outs and component inputs, but it was about the max I could justify spending given what we use the DVDs for.

It has a 350GB hard drive and will burn to various types of DVDs after recording to the drive. This is a great choice between recording to computer and burning a DVD (requires software knowledge that our volunteers don't have and takes time that we don't want to spend) and just doing a direct burn (you lose control of exact in and out points and risk loss of the whole thing if the recorder fails).

So far, I'm very pleased with it.