Saturday, December 05, 2009

Reverb with a Long Delay

OK, so I haven't posted a Reverb (Sunday-in-Review Post) in quite a while. That is to my shame. In fact, so much has changed since my last Reverb post, that instead of an actual review post, I'm just going to make note of some of the things that have changed and some of the things that haven't. Here we go...

What's Changed?

  • The Standard Input List - We've adjusted our standard input list in the main auditorium to more accurately reflect what we do on a normal Sunday. We've also added some extra channels to the drum area to have two kick mics, two snare mics, and a permanent click line.
  • Networked Recorders - We've moved the Fuzzy Rack and the Portable Recording system permanently into the sermon media office. This allows us to fully utilize the networkability of their flash card recorders. When you retrieve them for an event, you will find them powered on and plugged into the network. When you return them from an event, please leave them setup exactly as you found them. Plug the network cable in first, then power on the unit. Your recording will be automatically transferred to our network.
  • Fuzzy Rack Aux Outputs - The Fuzzy Rack has a new addition, a six-channel headphone amp. This will be used by the Youth Band Training which the music department began this last month. The rack has been rewired, so that Aux Outputs 1 through 4 go to BOTH the XLR output jack on the back panel and the corresponding headphone amp. In essence, those of you who use it to run monitors will not see a change, but now we've added the option for local headphones for the Youth Band Training.
  • Permanent Floor and Steps Wash - Intern John recently "permanentized" a wash that covers the stairs and the floor area in front of the stairs. We'll use this for any groups on the stairs like kids choirs or new members. It is also available on a submaster for those surprise moments, like when Dr. Grudem walked down into the congregation. These lights are labelled in the catwalk, so please don't move them for other purposes without consulting me first.
  • Ministry Mic Footlight - In order to eliminate the shadows on the face of people at the ministry mic, we've added a footlight at the base of the camera 4 tripod. While we are still experimenting with the best type of light, I think we're going to stick with a Source4 Parnel for now. That light plugs into dimmer 133 in the floor pocket on the baptistery side of the stage and has already been added to the submaster at the appropriate level.
  • Standard Submaster Programming - Over time, our page 1 submaster set had become jumbled, cluttered, and disorganized. So, it has been completely reprogrammed and relabelled. Please note that there are four "weekly" submasters labelled "band," "backdrop," "spec," and "spec." These are for you to reprogram on a weekly basis. For instance, you can light the band, program the submaster, and then easily call up all of your band lights at the correct levels later as you program cues. The same is true for the backdrop and any other specials you may create.
  • Camera 4 Exit Sign Blocker - If you have wondered what that black paddle-looking thing is among the drum set, it's our new exit sign blocker for camera 4. When carefully placed at just the right spot, it blocks the view of the exit sign from only the camera. Camera 4 operators, it is now your job to set up the sign blocker. Please find that new item on your checklist and let one of the producers know if you have a question on how to do it.
  • Camera 5 Converter is Back - At long last, we have received our Cam5 converter back from repair. This means that Cam5 actually shows up in the Cam5 spot on the camera switcher. No more crawling under the table to switch to Cam5!
  • Producers Desk - By popular demand, the video producer desk is no more. This opens up the video production suite significantly and makes it easier for the video producer to work hands-on with the equipment as necessary. Please let me know if we can improve this arrangement any more.
Sermon Media
  • No More Minidiscs - After about ten years of relying on minidiscs as our primary recording medium, we have finally done away with them fully. All the sermon recorders need to do now is record directly into the computer. If there is a computer failure, we have a backup recording running on the autorecorder in the auditorium sound booth which will be available on the network about 15 minutes after the second service ends.
  • Print the DVDs for the Video Team - OK, so this isn't a change as it is a reminder of a past change that hasn't really taken hold. Please make sure you get here no later than 8:45, so you can print the discs, deliver them to the IMAG suite, and then get back to record the service.
  • New Disc Storage Locations - We've been adding and adding more responsibilities to the sermon media team, so you are ending up with a whole heap of discs at the end of the day. All discs have a right location in the room for storage now, so nothing should end up on my desk. I'll be making a video soon to show you where everything goes.

What Hasn't Changed?

Since so much has changed, I thought I'd mention a few things that haven't changed in the last few weeks:
  • Snow - Our snow policy hasn't changed, so remember the three rules: 1) The church rarely cancels anything unless it's iced over; 2) Even if the church is "closed due to weather" on Saturday night, preparations for Sunday will likely continue. We will call you if Saturday prep is canceled. If you don't hear from us, please try to get here; 3) Don't risk your life. If you are really uncomfortable driving, call me and we'll figure out a way to cover for you.
  • Dress Code - As a reminder, we have a basic dress code for the production teams. This applies to everyone, but especially to folks in the sound booths (main or monitor) and the camera operators. Please avoid shirts with large words on them or with large, recognizable logos. We want to be invisible to the congregation.
  • You Are The Best! - Thanks for consistently serving the gospel message with excellence, joy, and faith for the glory of God.


Douglas Porter said...

What network recorder are you using?

Dave Wilcox said...

Hi, Douglas. Sorry for the slow reply.

We are using Marantz PMD580 recorders at this point.

Hctim said...

Good changes!
Question 1: Where exactly is the sermon media office located?

Question 2: Are we micing the kick drum inside and outside the drum hole?


Anna B said...

I've noticed that the new light for the prophecy mic can cause some weird shadows too, particularly shadows from their hands or the mic stand. Maybe if that light was dimmed a little bit more it would still diffuse the shadows from the overhead lights but not cause any other ones.

Dave Wilcox said...

Mitch, the sermon media office is the room adjacent to my office, and we are going to try micing the kick drum inside and right at the drum hole.

Anna, thanks for your suggestion. You are right that the footlight adds some shadows as well as getting rid of others. We'll keep fine tuning it.

Chris said...

I think the light we used on 12/6 was much more diffuse and reduced the shadows significantly. If there is a way to raise it 12 inches it might push the mic shadow down enough to be out of the cam4 shot.

Dave Wilcox said...

Chris, the light we used two days ago was definitely more diffuse than the one used on 11/29. It was also significantly lower. Raising the light will bring the shadow MORE into the shot, unfortunately.