Tuesday, November 03, 2009

11.1 Reverb

We had another great Sunday at Covenant Life:
  • We sang together led by an "acoustic" band, which for us means drums, percussion, bass, grand piano, and two acoustic guitars.
  • Twenty-seven parents dedicated their children to the Lord.
  • We learned about some events coming up that are high priorities for the pastors.
  • We heard from Josh Harris on The Woman of Valor from Proverbs 31 (listen and apply, if you weren't able to be there).


First, let me thank all the members of the production teams because this is the second Sunday in the last month when no one outside of the production staff had any feedback whatsoever for the teams. As far as everyone else on the Sunday Planning Team, these two Sundays went flawlessly. And this last Sunday, I also had almost no notes at all. Thanks to you all for the undistracting excellence you are bringing to our church services each week.


Late night Saturday setup after the Harvest Party offered us a moment of a nostalgia as the Week 1 Sound Team remembered back to the days when the 10:31 Youth Ministry Meetings required them to set up from 9:30-11:30pm almost every month. And that moment quickly disappeared into gratefulness as we reveled in the fact that we'd get an extra hour of sleep Saturday night! Thanks, Aaron, Christie, Karen, and Caleb for coming in late on Saturday and early on Sunday.

The mix for the acoustic band was great, Julie, especially in the second service. I know the band worked hard on arrangements because I could hear their intentionality through the mix. Be Still My Soul was particularly nice because the percussion elements were layered so sweetly. Thanks for bringing a careful ear to this unusual band, Julie.


Please welcome Chris officially to our lighting team! He's been helping with productions for several years now, but he just jumped into the monthly fray as the Week 1 Lighting Operator. Well done this week, sir.


The video team did a fine job this weekend also. Thanks, John, for jumping in as Cam4 operator for the first service. Your quickness to learn is invaluable in tight situations like that one. Thanks, also, to Chris and Tyler, for training him over the headset while still leading the rest of the video team.

The child dedication slideshows ran flawlessly, and the camera team did a good job of mixing up shots between Kenneth, who was leading the parents in dedicating their children, and pictures of cute babies with happy parents. Thanks for choosing shots carefully and for making them look good before sending them live. I want to especially congratulate Frank, who did his best work ever shading cameras.

Lyrics and sermon notes went very well this weekend also. There was one mysterious song typo that seemed to only show up in the second service, but that was the only thing I noticed all morning. Great job!

Sermon Media

The sermon went up slightly late (4pm rather than 2 or 3pm), but that was because I was in a meeting until 3:30pm. The team got the edits done on time and accurately with all the correct compression algorithms. One clarification for the sermon media team: please come early enough to get the pre-labelled DVD discs to video control by 8:50am. If they don't have them by that time, they will just hand label their own, costing us four blank DVDs. While that's not a big deal once or twice, over time this is poor stewardship. Please arrive just a few minutes earlier, so that you can get those DVDs to the video team.

Your Turn

What did I miss on Sunday that I should have noted here? Leave a comment to let me know.

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