Friday, October 09, 2009

Video Evaluation: Testimonies from Sunday, 10/4

Covenant Life Church's communication staff is posting more videos from our church meetings online, which presents an opportunity for the production teams to receive some constructive encouragement and criticism, specifically on camera work and directing.

Here is the video from the testimonies this last Sunday. Leave a comment to let us know what you think is great and what could be better.


Derrick Jeror said...

I'm sure the helpful critique you were looking for isn't "Why isn't it in widescreen?"

One suggestion would possibly to pull back a little. The video at the beginning keeps trying to follow Josh. If you pulled back a hair you could keep the camera steady. It's a personal preference but I would prefer cuts between cameras to compensate for movement across stage vs. the camera trying to follow.

I would also suggest maybe offsetting the person you are filming to the right or left a little instead of making them dead center of the video.

Just my suggestions, and I've been known to be wrong. So take them for what they're worth.

Latricia said...

I would have liked to have seen wider shots. Especially when the person speaking had half a person on either side of them framing the shot, I seemed to want to move on and just see what was next, rather than focusing on that person and what they were saying. Maybe this could have been helped by actually getting to see more?