Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Overdrive 10.18

This Past Sunday...

Greetings! Thanks for coming back to read another post about our efforts to clearly proclaim the gospel message.

This past Sunday contained the following:
  • Bob and Devon Kauflin leading our time of singing
  • Bob Kauflin leading our time of communion
  • Josh Harris leading our announcements and mission offering
  • Braden Greer preaching on Proverbs 12:18: Proverbs and Our Words


Our music team and production team has recently been discussing different sizes and types cymbals. In effort to reduce cluttered noise and harsh sounds, I’m wondering how much of a difference different size cymbals would make. It seems that smaller cymbals (16”) tend to be brighter and harsher, while larger diameter cymbals (18” and larger) have a darker, fuller sound. Additionally, larger ride cymbals don’t tend to ‘swell’ nearly as much, reducing some of the clutter.

I’d love to hear anyone’s thoughts or experiences using different cymbals, and any suggestions you may have in producing a clear drum kit sound with minimal cymbal abrasiveness. (Just for reference, we use a drum shield, but the shield is not enclosed.)


I don’t have anything to comment on in the lighting department. Thanks to Dave for his patience in between services amidst multiple lighting changes.


The video elements this past Sunday were nearly seamless. Any moments that were not planned for were accurately caught and projected with timeliness, and the transition into the last Mission Presentation DVD was perfect. This again highlights the importance of watching the entire DVD and testing it in the house before the service to eliminate any guess work once its real time for the congregation.

Also, typically we default to using Camera 1 for initial on-stage shots (i.e. any time Bob spoke to the congregation during worship this past Sunday). However, because our bass player was in the background shot of Bob from Camera 1, we had to find a less distracting alternative. Thanks to John and Susannah for finding and recommending the Camera 4 shot down front. It actually turned out to be the best shot during Bob’s speaking moments.


As of recently we’ve been receiving more detailed outlines to project on the side screens. Typically when this happens we’re not able to spend ample time formatting the points and checking them on the side screens. So you’re aware, we’re talking about how we can more effectively communicate the preaching pastors’ sermon notes he would like projected to help minimize last minute formatting and input. Thank you for your faithfulness to input these elements, which often comes late in the game, and for your patience as we try to find more effective ways to relay information.

Why is this important? If you think about it, projecting notes on the side screens is an incredibly important communication device. It’s basically the pastor saying to each member of the congregation, “From the passage I’m preaching on, I want you to write this down pay careful attention to this.” In other words, its not just a tool that tells people when to write things (though it is that), but more importantly tells people what the pastor specifically intends for you to meditate on.

For anyone using Sunday Plus: Please don't hesitate to leave feedback regarding this discussion.

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