Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Reverb 10.11

We had a great Sunday Celebration at Covenant Life this last weekend.
  • John David Maresco led us in singing.
  • One woman was baptized in the second service.
  • We saw the next video in Sovereign Grace's Mission Presentation.
  • Wayne Grudem preached on The Greatness of God.
Just to shake it up a little, I'm going to do the review in reverse order this time. General comments are at the end, so makes sure to read through. Crazy, I know!

Sermon Media

Nice job this weekend, Joe and Tom. There was only one issue that I noticed after you two left. You accidentally saved the sermon mp3 file without the CLC Web Settings compression. This means the mp3 file size was 42 megabytes rather than the typical 10-ish megabytes. Be comforted that this is not the first time this has happened. In order to attempt to avoid this in the future, I'm adding an item to the checklist: we should always double-check the file size of the mp3 file just to make sure the compression settings worked correctly.

Also, the sermon media team now has the privilege of being able to serve our prison ministry each week. According to the church website, "Every Wednesday evening, a dedicated team of men extends friendship, care and compassion to male inmates in the Montgomery County Correctional Facility in Clarksburg." Typically, someone preaches a short message to challenge and inspire them. However, occasionally no one is able to preach, and they use DVDs of a recent Sunday sermon instead. Often, that DVD is then given away to another group for use in the prison in the future.

We get to serve this dedicated team by providing a DVD of the sermon each week. Even if they don't show the DVD that week, it will likely be used in the future or given away to serve other inmates in the prison. On the checklist, you'll see the changes to reflect this addition.


The video team did a good job this weekend. It was great to have some cross-training happening during the first service singing time. They rocked the ministry mic moments, getting the shots up there quickly, in focus, with good iris levels each time. They also nailed the baptism in the second service. Usually, it takes us one baptism before the shots all lock in, but they only had one baptism to get it right. And get it right they did. Well done!

Now, there was this moment when Isaac said, "We're going to hear about this in the Reverb next week." Indeed, he was correct. During the first service, the team ran the wrong Sovereign Grace Mission Presentation video. They re-ran the video from last week instead of this week. They caught it pretty quickly, and they hustled to get the right one on the screen. However, there was definitely that awkwardly long "re-cuing" pause that makes pastors and congregation alike nervous for the video folks. Will it play? Do we have to cover? In the end, it played successfully, and no serious damage was done.

However, this instance brings up just how important every detail is to execute video smoothly. If I understand correctly, the person cuing the disc thought he had hit the right arrow to move the selector to the second video, just as he had done successfully for two previous run-throughs. However, in fact, it had not moved, and pressing enter meant he was unintentionally and unknowingly cuing the wrong video. Now, this was a completely honest mistake, and there is no shame in it. I do think, though, that this should bring a few more healthy butterflies to the video playback team. Let's not assume anything.


Thanks, Craig, for making the lighting happen again this weekend. I took two things away from this weekend: 1) We should probably create a permanent stairs and floor wash just in case someone surprises us by coming down off the stage like Dr. Grudem did this Sunday. 2) we need to explore ways to light the ministry mic subject from below. When people look down at their Bibles, their faces end up in shadow. Any suggestions on accomplishing this are welcome!


Honestly, I have little to say about the sound crew, which means they must have done a great job. Setup and rehearsal went smoothly, as did both services. We did have one snafu when the worship leader didn't bring out his guitar's wireless beltpack. Ken ended up on stage to steal the mandolin line for him. In the future, I'd love to see the audio producer jumping up to handle that rather than Ken having to go up on stage. However, Nate, did you have the pack at one point? I saw you poke your head out and then go backstage.

General Comments

I have one general comment related to implementing a NASA development into our technical services. We are now officially using...Velcro. After many requests from the team, I finally got around to purchasing a roll of 6" wide velcro with hooks on one side. I've cut long pieces of this to use as cable covers. A few notes on this:
  • There is a case on the rolling sound shelf labeled "Velcro Cable Covers." This is where you will find them, even if you are a member of the video team.
  • Each roll is labeled on the end for it's specific use. Because they are cut to length for specific purposes, please don't just use one randomly as you desire. You will likely be taking one that is needed somewhere else.
  • When you pull them out, please take the small velcro "tab" that holds the roll together and attach it to the velcro strip in the case lid, so we don't lose the tabs.
  • When you are putting them away, please roll them up and return them to this case. Remember, even the video-related cable covers go into this case on the sound shelf.

Your Turn

Thanks for reading all this way, and make sure to add your thoughts here.


cwtiren said...

I think we should at least try mounting a small barn-doored light on the camera itself that the operator can turn on when in use for the ministry mike.

I s A A c said...

(video) Dave, I appreciate your encouragement! Butterflies are awesome cause they keep one humble, its confidence that tempts a person to be prideful, then make mistakes!

This is probably a possible checklist option for both House/Video producer.

Anonymous said...

I had the beltpack in hand, after zipping around backstage with Andrew to find it. By the time I looked out onto the stage, JD was already in place and ready to start leading the last song. Rather than interrupt and distract, I figured it would be best to let the rest of the band carry the song musically and hopefully he would be able to lead just with vocals. And by the time I got back to the monitor board with the beltpack, Ken had decided that JD really needed a line - so he went upstage and gave him the mandolin. I guess I should have worked my way through the side entrance by the baptismal to Ken and checked with him?


Shawn Gierling said...

Hey Dave, if you come up with a good solution for lighting from below, please post the results. We are experiencing a similar problem.

Shawn Gierling said...

Hey Dave. Can you post a pic of the velcro cable covers you mentioned. Is this a purchase you made locally or online?

Dave Wilcox said...

Hi, Shawn.

I'll let you know if we come up with a good solution for lighting from below. I've seen striplights used along the front edge of the stage for just that purpose, but we don't have that much space.

I will post pictures of the velcro soon, but the supplier we bought them from was .