Tuesday, October 06, 2009

10.4 Reverb

This weekend was another great one at Covenant Life. God met us again, as he is always faithful to do.


The sound team did an amazing job this weekend. They managed to flawlessly add a 32-person orchestra to the normal Sunday band. And, yes, each musician in the orchestra had his or her own microphone. I was astonished at how well it went:
  • Setup was done at 6:10pm, giving them enough time to eat dinner before the 6:30 start.
  • Rehearsal started promptly at 6:30. Thanks, Christie!
  • The string line check went so smoothly that we were able to add the orchestra to the soundcheck fifteen minutes ahead of schedule.
  • After troubleshooting a few small issues during linecheck, we found no more issues in the setup except for one drum mic that was acting up.
  • Dave worked hard to dial in each of those mics and make the orchestra sound great.
Thanks to the Week 1 team: Doc, Dave, Karen, Christie, and Caleb. And thanks also to Bryant, Nate, and Justin who came in on their off week to assist with the orchestra setup. Each one of you helped to make the orchestra a great success. I don't think it could have gone more smoothly.

One quick note for all stage managers: We've added something to your checklist. Many of the sound team members have requested that we list headphone and in-ear preferences for the musicians, so that they can get them pulled out before the musicians arrive. In order to build that list, we've added an item on the stage manager checklist to write down what each musician uses. Each Sunday, we'll add that person's preference to our master list. When they play next, we'll include that information on the monitor patch sheet.


Since John Behrens and I did the lighting ourselves, I don't have much to say about lighting except this: We are definitely in need of a week 1 lighting operator. If you know anyone who might be interested, please send the name my way. If you have suggestions on the lighting, please comment away.


The video team also did a great job this weekend. The Sovereign Grace Mission Presentation Video went flawlessly. They responded quickly when Bob spoke between songs and for the two ministry mic "moments" in the second service. The week 1 video team does a fantastic job communicating, too. I love to hear the chatter as they all confirm what they think is about to happen.

They also did the best they could with the first service testimony segment, which surprisingly happened on the floor instead of the stage. There was miscommunication among the staff that caused that change in plan, for which I'm very sorry. Thanks for adapting to the unexpected.

A quick note for SundayPlus operators: We want to avoid "dangling" single words, both in the song slides and the sermon notes. If only the last word of the line or sentence happens to run over to the next line, please enter a carriage return before the second to last word, so that two words are on the last line. This may seem nitpicky, but there is something strange about the way it looks to have a single word on a line.

Sermon Media

The sermon media team is earning my vote for most sacrificial team. They frequently stay well past 2pm on Sunday afternoon to get the editing and mastering done. Thanks, guys, for your work. You are spreading the gospel all over the planet!

This weekend took an extra long time because of a special edit to the online sermon. Thanks, Olu, for going the extra mile to make that happen.

One quick note for all sermon media team members: It is your responsibility to get the pre-printed DVDs up to the IMAG video room for recording. I've heard from a number of the video teams that this isn't happening yet consistently. Sometimes you get them up there, but sometimes they don't see them at all. Please make sure you are arriving in plenty of time to print all the discs and get them up to the video room before the service starts.

Your Turn

What do you want to say about this weekend? Encouragements and critiques are both welcome.

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Donkey said...

I stopped in as an extra because House Director Tyler was being crossed trained as Camera Director, while Bram was filling in as House Directing (for the 1st time?). Mostly I just observed. It was very instructive to watch and see how another video team collaborate and interact with one another. Proverbs 24:32's take on the sluggard "Then I saw and considered it; I looked and received instruction" takes on a whole different application for me.

One commendation to the Week 1 Video Team. When Josh skipped the book of the month during the announcements, Playback Operator Elea kept that slide cued up (just in case) and sure enough, he came back to it during the sermon and the rookie House Director cut to CPU3 on the side screens in time to earn the entire tech team a compliment from the pulpit, upon which 3 pairs of hands went up in the IMAG room in cheers. WAY TO GO, Team One!

The team's performance examplifies faithfulness in small details, attentiveness while serving, and camaraderie. (I think it helps tremendously that Video Producer Chris always brings in donut holes to serve his team...according to him to keep everyone awake and minimize trips down to the green room for treats. ATTENTION all video producers....)