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7.5 Overdrive

Another Overdrive post from Ben...

I hope all of you are enjoying your summer thus far! There is a lot going on around Covenant Life. We recently wrapped up Summer Celebration ‘09 and are gearing up for Worship God ‘09 early next month. This conference is for worship leaders, pastors, musicians, song writers, and tech teams, so you may be interested in checking it out.

This past Sunday was the first message (and an outstanding message at that) in our new series in Proverbs. The morning included:
This post is more of an accumulation of updates and small administrative items that you should be aware of.

  1. Special Thanks | Because July 4th fell on a Saturday this year, we did not have a Saturday night rehearsal and did our set up Friday late afternoon. Thanks again to Gavin, Karen, Christie, and Alex for coming in Friday late afternoon for the set up, and for coming in earlier than usual on Sunday morning. The morning went very well.
  2. System Retune | As we speak, we are having the whole sound system retuned by Clark ProMedia, and you can expect to hear more clarity and balance throughout the auditorium starting this Sunday because of their work. They are replacing our Media Matrix System with a Biamp Audiaflex processor, which is newer and less involved system called. While there will be more details forthcoming once the retune is complete, the important thing for mixers and operators to know is that the computer monitor sitting next to the sound board in the front of house will still display the mute outputs for the speaker clusters, but via a different program.
  3. Missing Monitor Channels | For the monitor operators, monitor board channels 18, 23, and 35 have been sent in for repair. The expected date of return we have been given is 2-3 weeks, though last time it took significantly longer.

  1. Loose Lighting Jacks | A couple weeks ago, Kolb Electric came in and replaced all of the broken and loose lighting jacks (36 of them) in the catwalks. Thanks to Dave Hoover for bringing that necessity to our attention.
  2. Flashing House Lights | A group of wall lights on right of side of the auditorium were flashing on and off this past Sunday. This is a dimmer problem and can be solved by replacing the bad dimmer with a new one out of the spares. Please make sure to mark the bad one clearly and give to the tech director for the morning. Do not put it back with the spares.
  3. The RFU | The remote focus unit for the lighting board has been malfunctioning and causing problems internally to the lighting system. Please do not use the remote unit until further notice.

  1. Whiteboard | Our white balancing white board has grown legs and run off from us! You will have a new one this Sunday.
  2. Pre Meeting Prayer Slide | Because we’re only displaying a ‘Pre Meeting Prayer Slide’ now before each service, we should wait to display the slide until 15 min prior each service insted of starting the pre-meeting slide show as soon as the first service ends. This is indicated in the house director checklist.
  3. CAM 5 | When using CAM 5 for baptisms, the patch bay behind the IMAG suite should have CAM 5 patched to output ‘V’ from the stage right video tie panel, and the CAM 4 Extron module under the desk should be switched to CAM 5. Both of these things need to be in place in order to receive signal.
  4. Countdown | As a reminder, please be sure to note the ‘countdown’ item in your checklist. Its an item that is easily forgotten from time to time because it takes place before and in between services, but its an important one. The Lyrics Operators should start the countdown clock at 8:45 and 11:15, as precisely as possible. Also, Lyrics Ops and House Directors, please wait until you see the "00:00" before switching away from the countdown, but then switch immediately.
  5. Shot Scripts | I am working on a ‘shot by shot sequence sheet’ for items like baptisms. The purpose of this is to attempt to maintain a consistency of the best shots we can find, and because baptisms happen frequently, we think its best to attempt to set a uniform and consistent sequence to avoid distraction and hopefully eliminate the potential last minute scurrying. (This is not to say baptisms have not been going well. It's simply a way on our end to hopefully serve you guys and ultimately the congregation.)

Sermon Media

Since we’ve made the changes in the sermon media room and have begun using checklists, you no longer need to fill out the 'Mini Disk Recording Sheet'. The red binder that contained the sheets is no longer in the sermon media room.

Thanks to everyone for seeking to do the best you can. A/V Production really is the backbone of anything that goes on here at Covenant Life, and you all play a huge part in that!

Let us know if you have any additional thoughts/comments/suggestions.

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