Tuesday, June 02, 2009

5.31 Overdrive

Thanks, Ben, for this overdrive post...

This past week we kicked off the first message in a 4-part series called "Love Your Neighbor." This past Sunday:


In the middle of worship this week, we had students from Covenant Life’s Music Academy, including a small choir, brass band, and string section, come and sing a song written by Rebecca Maka, a former music academy student. The students spread across the length of the stage stairs. For the choir, we used two pairs of mics in X-Y pattern. This allowed us to aim the rejection area of the mic at the house speakers, thus widening the area of pick up without feedback.

Also, we recently replaced the metal drum rack with individual stands for the toms and cymbals. We thought this would be more efficient and, honestly, just save a lot of time for everyone - tech team and drummers. Dave and I will be posting a video about some important things to note regarding this switch later this week. If interested in the pieces ordered, check here.


Craig ran our lights this week and put in the extra effort to aim the lighting for the stage steps from the 3rd catwalk. He also readjusted our baptismal lighting back to its normal position from the youth drama Pilgrim. One helpful thing we did this week was pull the par lights (the ones on the back center rack directly above the IMAG screen) down during worship when Bob or someone else was on IMAG for an extended period of time. The par lights created a bit of a wash on the screen, and pulling them down lessened that effect.


Because of the many people singing, we decided to allow them to have the lyrics on the confidence monitors while the congregation sang A Mighty Fortress by memory. Dave Alden invented a new way to do this effectively and cleanly. Here are his notes:
The week three, four, or five house directors may find this procedure helpful for executing "seamless" lyrics transitions when lyrics for the hymn of the month need to be shown on the confidence monitors but not on the main screen. We found that having the CPU1 background sourced from CPU2 or CPU3 often has slight color or position variations that become evident upon the transition from CPU1 to the wordless background image from an alternate source. The following house switcher procedure will avoid this.
  1. Press button 1 (CPU1) putting the live CPU1 source on both the Preview and Main screens. The 1 button will blink between red and green.
  2. When the CPU1 background goes wordless between stanzas or at the beginning of the hymn hit the "preview freeze" button.
  3. When the tech director indicates a particular stanza should be without words on the center screen, cut or dissolve to put the frozen (and wordless) preview up on the main screen. The active CPU1 source (with lyrics) will become the new preview, and now the "main freeze" button will be lit red.
  4. When lyrics are to be restored to to the main screen, hit the "cut" or "dissolve" buttons again to switch it back the other way (live CPU1 on main and the frozen/wordless CPU1 background on Preview). Steps 2 and 3 should be repeated each time a verse is to be sung by the congregation by memory.
  5. Once the memory selections for the hymn-of-the-month are complete, the House Switcher can be restored to normal by choosing any source other than CPU1 in preview.

Side note: In case any one needs to set up camera 5 for baptisms in the future, all of the cables, connectors, and other items needed are on top of the bookshelf towards the back of the IMAG room. I’ve realized that setting up that camera has taken much longer than it should because all of the necessary pieces were in different places.

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