Wednesday, May 06, 2009

5.3 Reverb

Last Sunday at Covenant Life:
It was a busy morning.

General Comments

First, I want to honor the auditorium sound team for this last week. They arrived at the church at 5:45am on Sunday morning to set up from scratch. The early morning made me most grateful for Saturday evening setup times.

Second, to one team member (who knows who she is): Yes, I do read the checklists and see who checked off what. And, yes, there was a lot of tweeting going on Sunday. If any of you want to jump on the twitter production com on Sundays, you can join twitter and then follow me.

OK, now on to the more specific details, in reverse order from the usual. (I know, that's risky!)

Sermon Media

Thanks, sermon media team, for quickly adapting to the new editing policies. I think they are more logical and should be more effective in the long run. Please don't hesitate to ask if you have questions about what to edit as we go along.

One quick note that will be adjusted on the checklist: We need to make two Archive Audio DVD+R discs each Sunday. One of them goes in the black case of secondary masters. The other should go into the Sunday Archive Audio DVD+R binder in the cabinets. If you have questions as to where to find that binder, check with Ben or me.


The video team did a fine job again this week. I have only one big note, and that is for myself. I need to spend more time familiarizing myself with what the preaching pastor is planning to have on the screen and then communicating the details to the SundayPlus operators clearly. I didn't give it enough time this Sunday, which makes me so grateful for Bethany who joyfully worked extra hard during the singing time to overcome my lack of preparation.

One small note for camera 4 operators: When you are setting up for a ministry mic moment, please make sure to pull out to a head-and-shoulders shot. A 15-foot-tall head-only shot is quite uncomfortable. Pop in to focus, and then pop back out to head-and-shoulders before you go live.

And one followup for the SundayPlus operators: Yes, we still do the countdown clock each Sunday. We now have a 15-minute countdown DVD that you can select on Input 3 on the lyric station switcher.


Lighting was simple and perfect this week. No notes whatsoever. Huge thanks to Craig, who ran the board, and to Alex, who stayed very late after the Pilgrim production to focus and program.


Thanks again to the sound crew for waking up so early to serve the band.

Karen mentioned that there is a problem with the drum headphone output (Aux 3-4 to Stereo 2). I think we tracked this down already, but I can't remember exactly what in the signal chain was failing. Does anyone remember, so that we can get it fixed as soon as possible?

Brian shared a great idea a couple weeks ago that I failed to include in the Reverb post at the time. He has noticed that the color labels on the handheld wireless mics are much easier for the vocalists to remember than the numerical labels on the WIE units. He actually took the time to put color labels on the WIE packs to match the vocalists handheld color. I'd highly recommend this to anyone who wants to do it! Note, though, that they need to be removed at the end of the weekend, since the combinations of mic/WIE can change from week to week.

I think that's all I have. What did you notice this Sunday?


David MacKenzie said...

I thought the day went amazingly smoothly.

I think I saw the shading change on a shot on the screen at least once, that was about it for glitches.

Anonymous said...

what about the large crash that happened during the 2nd service - 10 minutes before the end ...

Tyler said...

Just to double check, about the camera 4 shot of the ministry mic, where only the person's head was in the frame, as the House Director should I wait until the shot is correctly framed to take it live next time?

Dave Wilcox said...

Tyler, I'd only wait if you are confident it's in the process of happening. I wouldn't want you to wait very long. If the camera director says he's ready, that's your green light to put it up.

KB said...

Thanks for running this blog. I was just listening to a teaching you did at one of the Worship Conferences and heard you mention this site. This is super helpful to me and I look forward to being able to pass things on to our sound team. I also look forward to learning from you at WorshipGod this year!

Andy Chang said...

Dave, I had noticed that it seemed like Braden and Mark's voices through the headset mics were a bit "tinny" compared to, say Josh's voice when Josh used the handheld. To my untrained ear, it sounded like the highs were too prominent.

But by the end of the sermon, either I had gotten used to it, or Mark's voice was EQed better and sounded "fuller."

Could just be me :P

Dave Wilcox said...

Andy, we definitely had some issues with both headset mics while we adjusted back from "youth drama mode" to Sunday's normal sound. Unfortunately, the headset mics will never sound as full as the handheld, but I think they definitely did improve as the morning went on. It wasn't just your ears.

Unknown said...

The one thing that is hardest to judge is where the pastor is going to move the mic for the prophecy. It might help if the pastors are told to keep the stand in the same spot and just raise and lower the mic. It's also hard to judge the framing of a head and shoulders shot when you only have the mic as a reference, not to mention that people come in different sizes.

Dave Wilcox said...

Dave, do the pastors actually move the stand? They aren't supposed to do that. They can raise and lower it, but they shouldn't be picking it up and moving it.

As far as closeness goes, I'd make sure to pull out enough so that the mic is only about 1/5 the width of the screen. Then adjust from there.