Wednesday, May 13, 2009

5.10 Overdrive

From Ben Neumann...

Greetings! This past Sunday, Mother's Day, we were edified as the body gathered together again.

Leading the morning was:
  • Bob Kauflin led us in our time of singing with Reilly. Reilly is a band from one of sister churches, Covenant Fellowship, in PA.
  • Josh Harris gave our announcements, and appropriately honored all the moms present, as it was Mother's Day.
  • Eric Simmons preached from Ephesians 6:10-12 in the first of three messages on the topic of spiritual warfare. You can listen here if you missed it on Sunday.


Thank you to everyone who stayed late Saturday night and arrived early Sunday morning. Your help was greatly appreciated!!

Because of the 10:31 meeting this past Saturday, and a late start Sunday morning, the band had very little rehearsal time. Fortunately Bob and the band were familiar and experienced enough with the songs and arrangements that it wasn't a problem. One thing to note is that when a guest band comes in to play, its good to have an idea of what they're used to, mix preferences, stage set up, etc. The mix may need to change in order to accommodate and serve the congregation, but still good to have an idea in mind. Anybody have any thoughts on what to do in a ‘have to prepare a mix really fast’ situation?


Thank you also to Isaac for staying late and arriving early as well. One thing we realized is that we had some distracting shadow during the baptism times on the face of those being baptized. I think we simply had too much light coming from one angle. Generally its good to hit the baptismal with lights from opposite angles.


The camera crew did an excellent job transitioning in and out of baptisms. Very smooth and understated. One note: Our video producer, Chris, reminded me that in order to use Camera 5, you have to manually go under the desk in the IMAG room and push VID on the Extron converter. Thanks, Chris, for getting us a solid Cam 5 shot.

Give us any of your feedback...


Unknown said...

To the comment about knowing the guest band: you didn't have Mr.Davis mix? Opportunity missed, bro! I'm sure Josh would love for you to make amends at NEXT... Fred B.

Unknown said...

Fred, you crack me up :-)

I was actually in PA for mothers day so I missed the chance to come in and help. When it comes to having a guest band come in, I think the best thing to have is someone who knows the band already; this will help the guy at FOH learn how to mix them and the guy in monitor world give them exactly what they need. Also, when I've had to mix for guest bands in the past, I've tried to get a copy of their CD ahead of time to familiarize myself with their music.

As for NEXT, we need to make sure we pray for Dave, he's got so many bands and choirs and orchestras coming in, he's got a TON of new sound to deal with and I'm sure it won't be easy. If you need help during the week, let me know, I'll be there :-)

AKA "Mr. Davis"

cwtiren said...

Have the baptism lights been re-aimed since Pilgrim? I know we were waiting for the font to be open to do that. If they haven't then we should put it on the list as they are currently aimed to light people standing on the platform that rests on the top of the font.

Craig Tiren

Dave Wilcox said...

I agree completely with Josh's ideas on learning a band. Listening to the CD is really helpful, and having an "expert" nearby is great, too.

And Craig is right. We definitely need to re-aim the baptistery lights before the next baptisms.

David MacKenzie said...

I noticed Reilly's bass player had an amp onstage. I liked the bass sound. I was wondering whether the amp was just being used as a preamp with a direct out, or whether we were hearing its speaker too.

I wished I could have heard the guitars and backing vocals more, and the violins a little less. I was in the first meeting.

Dave Wilcox said...

The amp on stage was emitting sound waves of some sort, but I have no idea how much. Julie, Ben, or Mitch?