Thursday, April 16, 2009

4.12 Overdrive

From Ben...

This past Sunday was our Easter service, and serving us was:
  • Bob Kauflin leading worship
  • Mark Mitchell introducing our guests and leading our announcements
  • Josh Harris preaching from John 11 on the story of Lazarus


Overall both services went very smooth. On the technical end there were very few things to be aware of, which means many people heard God's word with no, or almost no, distraction.


First of all I'm grateful for the Cowan family this week who offered their time to help on a week they were not scheduled to serve. Sacrifices like this are tangible representations of the gospel and clearly model the body of Christ working together. Thank you!

We had our normal rhythm section band with a 14 piece orchestra, 30 person choir, and Bob on the grand piano. Thankfully, our setup Saturday night was nearly flawless. Its amazing that when things like setup are approached in a systematic and organized way... with a joyful team working together...a near flawless setup is actually possible, and a large setup doesn't seem so daunting as it sometimes can. I have helped set up small five-person bands that had many more technical difficulties than we had this past week. Thanks, everyone, for your example and hard work.


Our lighting op Dave Hoover served us once again and did an excellent job of detailing all the elements on stage. Dave consistently works hard and asks questions/gives suggestions about details both small and large, and those things make a difference.

We did have a little light show a couple times during worship and the sermon. The section of ceiling lights on the front right side of the auditorium flashed on and off a few different times, and thankfully no more. Turns out there were a couple bad dimmers in the amp room. One thing I'm learning...always check the dimmers in situations like this one that seem to come from no where.


In each service this week the choir did a special song with powerful lyrics to encourage the congregation. In the first service, we had the cameras shoot the choir live on the IMAG screen, and it looked great. Thank you Ryan for putting in the extra work to ensure that happened. We determined, however, that because there are only a few angles to shoot from and only a small group of people to shoot that the live cameras were potentially too repetitive, and thus distracting. Rule of thumb...just because we CAN do it doesn't mean we should. The question to ask is what is going to best serve the congregation. The second service we simply put the words to their song on the center screen instead of the camera shots of the choir.

Please give your feedback!


Tyler said...

Regarding the choir, they were wonderful and it was a delight listening to the powerful lyrics. As far as shooting the choir goes during the first service, you hit the nail on the head; the camera shots seemed repetitive and a bit distracting. Changing it shows good flexibility. Great idea though. My first thought was, "Wow!".

David MacKenzie said...

I'd like to add another category: lyric projection. The first service on Easter was the most problematic I can remember at CLC for lyric projection. Lots of slides appearing only after the verse or chorus had started, or showed the wrong verse, even the wrong song. The choir fumbled through several lines that not everyone had memorized, as a result. Some of us were wondering whether the lyric operator didn't take enough notes during the rehearsal, or was just inexperienced.

Also, the video switching had some problems. The lyrics started out on the side monitors at one point (maybe after the sermon?) then moved to the center. For awhile during one song, the confidence monitors showed a shot of the choir instead of the lyrics.

The second service went better but still had some problems in this area.

In the sound arena, Dave did do a great job at avoiding feedback with all those open mics on stage!