Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sunday Morning Prayer

“Prayerlessness is an act of practical atheism.” - Gordon Fee

In the hectic schedule of technical team preparations on Sunday morning, I can often run about the church as an atheist. I am doing in my own strength and thinking in my own wisdom. That is not worship of the one true God. God commands me to stop and draw him into my serving.

As Joshua Harris mentioned last Sunday, we
will be trying out a new pre-service prayer routine this Sunday. This will give us all another opportunity to stop and seek God together. Ten minutes before the service starts, a pastor will gather people down front to pray in groups. Each group will be led by a pastor and will pray together for the congregation, our guests, and any special elements happening in that service.

I'd like all of our teams serving in the auditorium to join a group to pray each Sunday. A few things for team members to note:
  • You should aim to be done with all your setup and preparation by 8:40am. Please arrive a few minutes earlier if necessary.
  • Please make your way back to the auditorium fifteen minutes before both services (8:45a, 11:15a).
  • Join the group nearest your serving location.
  • We will go directly into singing from these prayer groups, so please skip out a couple minutes early. Give yourself plenty of time to get to your post and settle in mentally before the service starts. The countdown clock will be playing on the TV screens in front of the stage, so keep your eye on that and leave with at least two minutes to spare.
I am grateful for one more opportunity to seek God as partners in the gospel. May he continue to meet Covenant Life as we gather to sing, listen, serve, and apply.


Anonymous said...

Will we still run the 10-minute countdown clock on the confidence monitors?

Dave Wilcox said...

Absolutely, we'll still need to run the countdown clock, so that everyone up front can tell when to go back to their posts. Thanks for clarifying.

Anonymous said...

Would you be amennable to the IMAG team (minus all camera operators) praying together upstairs in the control rooom, rather than rushing downstairs and backup just before everything goes live?

Dave Wilcox said...

Tony, for the time being I'd like to try having the IMAG team come downstairs. I understand that it may become a bit much, but I'd rather try it and see. Remember, you can leave as early as you think is necessary to get back to your post and start peacefully.