Wednesday, March 04, 2009

3.1 Reverb

March 1st was another very busy Sunday at Covenant Life. Our services included the following elements:

General Comments

We have started the new annual recruitment cycle, and each team member has been assigned one of the 12 months of the year in which to decide whether he or she will continue serving for the next year. Team members can expect an email from me today with the month to which they have been assigned.

For our team members, here are the two simple steps to the new process:
  1. Two months before the end of your annual commitment, you will get a Planning Center invitation to serve for the following year. For instance if your new serving year is scheduled to restart in June, you will receive an email around the first of April.
  2. To sign up for the next year, accept the plan in Planning Center. If you decline, you are indicating that you no longer wish to continue serving on the Production Teams in that role (or at all). Please respond to that invitation within thirty days.
An exciting aspect to the new process is that current team members will be able to fill spots as they come open throughout the year.

Here's how that will work:
  1. As soon as we know someone is leaving, we will send an invitation in Planning Center to the entire Production Team.
  2. If you wish to be considered for this position, please accept the invitation within five days. Important note: if you accept a new position, you will be committing to another full twelve months of service.
  3. From there, we will consider all the interested people and decide who would be the best fit for that role. If no one signs up, we will try to assign a new volunteer to that role.
OK, now onto the details of this last Sunday...


I must begin with special thanks to the extended Cowan family (including Uncle Dan) for taking over the sound crew this last Sunday. We had several sick and out-of-town team members. We could not have done this weekend without you!

On their checklist this weekend, one sound team member asked about battery levels for the different services. Please make sure that you have four to five battery indicator bars before both the first and second service. Anything below four bars should be placed in the "rehearsal battery" bin and replaced with "service batteries." Even though they will probably work, please don't leave three-bar battery sets in transmitters through the second service.

I had only one thought on the mix this weekend. I think that Devon's voice can tend toward harsh when it cuts through the mix. From my experience mixing the Na Band, I'm not sure there is much to be done with his vocal EQ without losing it in the mix. I do think the harshness can be eased when he is more strongly supported by the background singers. A carefully EQed and featured background harmony could potentially mellow out the sound without causing Devon to lose it's leadership role in the mix.


OK, I'm digging back a couple weeks for this one, but it is critically important. Two Sundays ago, less than fifteen minutes before the service began, a dimmer rack control module failed. This has never happened before, but every lighting operator needs to know how to solve this problem. The solution is to go back into the dimmer room and press the reset button on the control module. If the reset doesn't work, there is an extra control module in the spare dimmer box, which you can hot-swap into the rack.


Baptism Sundays are always busy days for the video team. An extra camera and several transitions during singing can make for a hectic morning. Thanks to the team for working so hard to pull it all together.

This weekend's team did a great job of getting the shots right before they went up. I don't remember any out-of-focus shots or incorrectly shaded shots. Well done, everyone.

As we discussed between services, the first service transition to Isaac in the baptistry could have been faster, but you all nailed it in the second service. The important thing for all video teams doing baptisms is to get camera 2 on the worship leader early enough for camera 1 to find the pastor in the baptistry before he speaks. The worship leader will ask people to be seated, but that comment is very brief, and the pastor in the pool talks almost immediately.

The other issue we ran into was "stuttering" on the camera 5 baptistry shot. It looked like the shutter speed was set way too high. The shutter speed should be set at around 1/60 second, and should not be adjusted during the shot. Use the iris ring on the lens to increase or decrease brightness.

Now, to be honest, I'm not sure that was the problem on Sunday because we are running the camera through a converter box to turn it's composite signal into component for the camera switcher. The problem could be in that box, so we have some more troubleshooting to do on this one. Any ideas?

Sermon Media

Two quick notes for the sermon media team:
  1. When you create mp3s, either of music or of the sermon, please make sure to change the template in the "Save As..." dialog box to CLC Web Settings. Do not use the default settings. The default settings create a file that is three times the size we want for the web.
  2. If you haven't yet seen the video I created on burning the Archive Audio DVD, here it is.

How to Burn the Audio Archive DVD from David Wilcox on Vimeo.

Leave Your Comments

Thanks for reading, and make sure to leave your comments, too.


Anonymous said...

point of clarification: I was on week 1 because Karen willingly subbed for me this month. and let me add my thanks to my sister and her homies for "standing in the gap" yet again to make Sunday work great with a makeshift crew :o) ud

Unknown said...

I have to wonder if the zebra lines that we were using put some strain on the image processing on camera 5, though it was probablynegligible. Also, because there was a big difference in brightness from the front to the back it was impossible to get everyone bright enough to get the lines. It may be an easily solvable issue of having an extra light on the pool so that there is no compromise that needs to be made between a really wide iris or a slow shutter speed.

Dave Wilcox said...

Ah, so Dave... Was the iris all the way open, and you need to lower the shutter speed to get more brightness?

Anonymous said...

The sound checklists need updated with the new battery levels guidelines. The producers checklist currently has minimum of 4 bars to start 1st service & minimum of 3 bars to start the 2nd service.

Dave Wilcox said...

They have been updated, Jim. Thanks.

Nick Fitzkee said...

I know most people don't think about such things, but in addition to scratching my head over the shutter speed issue, I was disoriented by the abrupt cut from the frontal baptism view to the perpendicular view from the side. I figure we're probably doing this for modesty concerns, but perhaps there's a better time? The cut always seemed to be while the person was submerged--maybe it can be moved earlier, when the pastor is placing the microphone down. It may also be helpful to fade the shot rather than cut it abruptly.

I know I'm not well versed in video, so there may be other things going on here, but this seems like a good venue to bring it up and get schooled in what's going on if need be.