Thursday, February 19, 2009

2.15 Overdrive

From Ben Neumann...

Overall this past Sunday flowed very smoothly, and leaves room for only a few brief comments. A handful of very good comments were made on the drum mix this past weekend. Jon David’s band has a softer sound that leaves more room for dynamics to come through with the drums, and they came through very nicely. The accordion (miced simply with a Shure SM58) and mandolin again were a nice addition for the arrangements. Also, an obvious note but worth mentioning, Jon David changed his strings the night before. The brightness that new strings gave really enhanced this portion of the mix. Dave any comments on what you did differently this Sunday regarding the drums?

There were not many lighting changes this week. However, one important note to mention is that shirt color on stage affects which and how many lights to use for a particular person. In this case, the lights were set for the singers a certain way on Saturday night based on the brightness of their shirts. Sunday morning, however, the singers had contrasting shirts on (dark vs light), and therefore small lighting adjustments had to be made, which Craig did joyfully!

Similarly, on the video end, Robin Boisvert had on a shirt with a thin stripe pattern on the shirt. This kind of pattern “confuses” our cameras and makes for some small but distracting effects on the IMAG screen. Our camera operators adjusted by zooming in closer and tightening the frame so that the cameras would see more space between the plaid stripes.

Thank you again to the sermon media team for transitioning into the new mode of editing since the window closed. It does involve more attention to detail compared to when the window was open and people were waiting for CDs. One small reminder is to leave off any comment such as “lets pray” or “lets bow our heads” from the recordings. The last segment of the recording should be the last statement made by the preaching pastor prior to the closing prayer.

Thanks everyone, feel free to leave feedback!

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good mandolin mix !!!