Saturday, January 03, 2009

Saturday Randomness

Some Saturday Randomness:
  • I want to blog more. That's one of the things I'm writing in a blog post about my goals for the new year. You would already know if I had actually finished the post. So, it's not a great start, but maybe this randomness makes up for it.
  • Tech ministry is like kindergarten. Neatness counts. I spent much of today revising our sermon media systems, recreating the order forms, and making an organizational bin for the completed CDs and DVDs that are ready for pickup.
  • Similarly, my next video assignment is this: How to Tape Down a Cable. Somehow, I've failed to adequately train my team in this critical art, and I waste many minutes battling to remove stuck-to-self gaff tape.
  • Windows are wonderful. I'm exploring changing offices to one that is further from the rest of the staff (downside) but has windows (upside). So far, my outlook and my productivity have been way up. We'll see how the new spot works out for tomorrow's church service. Ah....natural light.

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