Sunday, November 30, 2008

On My Mind

I honestly can't remember exactly when I last blogged something other than a Reverb post. In many cases, that's because I've had little to write. A few times, I've wanted to write but not had the time. Somehow, tonight I have the time. Here are some things on my mind lately, some related to church tech and some not:

How to Maximize My Times With God - I'm finding mornings to be less and less effective for reading my Bible and praying as I grow older. I'm considering moving to evenings or noontimes, when I'm more alert, have less things pressing in on me, and have fewer time constraints.

How to Blog More - Writing is good for me, even when it does little for you. How can I make the time to write more?

A Collaboration Group - I'd like to gather six to eight tech-director-like people from our vicinity who want to share experiences and grow together in leadership. What qualifications should be required to participate? Would anyone want to participate?

A Recent Message by Jerry Bridges - Last Sunday's message by Jerry Bridges has been on my mind a lot in the last seven days. I still say it is probably the best message I've ever heard on serving the church. Ever. I hope we get apply these truths at Covenant Life a little more in the next year.

My Family's Plans for Christmas - I'm very excited about some changes we've made to our family Christmas traditions. We're moving our gift-giving to the kids earlier in December, so that we can focus them on giving to others for the majority of the month. We were going to do our little family gift exchange tomorrow, but illness and lousy weather have prevented us from getting our tree. Thankfully the kids are too small to know the difference, and we've got time!

What's been on your mind lately?

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