Tuesday, November 25, 2008

11.23 Reverb

November 23rd was quite the Sunday. In case you've forgotten all that happened, or you weren't able to attend, here's the reminder rundown:

General Comments

First, I want to express my gratefulness for the entire team this weekend. Everyone accommodated the non-routine activities of this Annie Moses weekend with eagerness and excellence. The sound crew came in early and did a load-in instead of a setup. The video team came in early on Sunday to learn the special song. They went from "Hurry up!" (during the Annie Moses song) to "Don't move a muscle!" (during Jerry Bridges' message) without a complaint.

Second, I want to congratulate the video team on two things.

1. You did an excellent job on the Annie Moses Band song. I mean that sincerely, in spite of the frantic calls you might have heard from those of us up in the booth.

Let's put this in perspective. We do a complex live song with IMAG about once or twice a year. Since each team serves only once per month, that means each team experiences this about once or twice every four years. There is no way anybody is going to do a perfect job on something he does only once or twice every four years. Yet Grant was very pleased with the result, commenting that it definitely added to the experience and did not distract from it.

So, for all the moments when you thought you didn't get the shot, just know that the overall effect served the congregation. Your hard work was a blessing to others, and I'll bet you all become better camera ops in the process.

2. You won the prize. You didn't have any "focus toward you" moments. We'll be taking you all out to lunch in the not-too-distant future. Excellent, excellent, excellent! What tips do you have for the other teams? How did you accomplish this?


The sound crew did a great job this weekend. The Annie Moses Band used their own mixer and mics, which simplified our responsibilities in some ways but also complicated mixing at the same time. Thanks, Jim, for accommodating them so well. The vocals were really bright in the first service, but their mixer - who was very humble and gracious, as well as slightly ill - made some good adjustments for the second service.

I noticed one little thing at the end of the first service: Ken opted out of the song, but our crew was up there already to move the keyboard and the pulpit. Perfect! That was a mistake, in a sense, but it is the type of mistake I want to make. I'd rather be ready for the transition and be called off than be waiting for some sign and then hold up the transition. Thanks, guys, for being on top of it.


I wish I had something to say about lighting, but I was barely paying attention. (Note: I wasn't the official producer this weekend, so stay tuned for Ben's Overdriven post in the next couple days.) This is good, though, because noticing nothing is the goal. Anyone else have any lighting thoughts?


I already covered the main things I wanted to say about video. Excellent work. Josh wrote in his notes that we missed or were late on a couple slides. Let's make sure to listen carefully for slide cues.

Minor note: we tried out a new "feature" for the Discovery Land video room. They were able to watch the cameras on the television with a small picture-in-picture window showing the lyrics, slides, and sermon notes. Was anyone in there to say whether it was helpful or not?

I think that's all I have. Anyone else have any comments, suggestions, encouragements, or disagreements?


John Schellhase said...

Add my compliments as far as the video goes - obviously, you guys couldn't get every single shot you wanted every single time, but for going in cold with little or no rehearsal, I thought you did a fabulous job.
You were all able to adjust quickly when unexpected things happened. You all, for the most part, reacted quickly, smoothly, and well.
Excellent job!

Unknown said...

I just wanted to say I agree that Jerry gave one of the best sermons I've ever heard on serving. It was challenging, yet gracious and really put what we do into perspective. If you weren't at the service go download it!

Adding my comments to the video work; there were a number of times during the special song that I stopped and said "wow, that's a great shot." Well done to the camera crews in finding the good shots and staying focused!

Also, thanks again to Jim and his family for being willing to help from load-in on Saturday to load-out on Sunday, that's a family of service!