Wednesday, November 26, 2008

11.23 Overdriven

Ben always has the tougher job on this Sunday-in-Review posting thing. I get to write everything I think, and then he has to think of more to say after that. I usually steal his thunder. So, here is a short note from Ben, primarily answering my question about lighting.

One Minor Lighting Note

On the production sheet, we left room for a closing song, meaning the cues went as such:

Cue 6: Sermon with house at 65%
Cue 7: Band with house at 50%
Cue 8: Sermon with house at 50%.

I had the lighting operator go from cue 6 to cue 8 because there was no song but then realized that doing that actually brought the house lights down for no reason because there was no closing song.

So the lesson is... if there is a modification like this during the service, don't simply go to the cue because there may not be reason to. And if you realize this and the producer tells you to go to that cue, then simply tell him (me) that we don't need to go to that cue.

Other than my mistake, Phillip did an excellent job preparing the lights and cues Saturday night. Great job, Phillip!

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