Wednesday, November 19, 2008

11.16 Overdriven

Here are Ben's thoughts on this last Sunday, since he was the official producer.


I loved this weeks band and arrangements. It goes to show that small details and melodies, such as Josh's electric cello line in the turn of Amazing Grace, go a long way to keep things uniquely fresh. The slight delay on the cello added a nice fullness to the sound as well. Delays aren't just for guitar players.

Danny's accordion is also a very nice addition to the overall sound. It adds a nice synth-like pad that can only be generated from an accordion. Very nice! Any accordion players out there...don't shy away from experimentation as long as it doesn't turn to a distraction.

As for Jesse's drumming, I thought it fit very well. He was playing hard, but it didn't feel overwhelming or out of place at all. If the overall level is hardly breaking 95dB, then I say keep it up! Great job mixing, Dave.


I really liked the warm feel on stage with the appropriate color levels. Times of singing certainly are not contingent upon color and feel, but they do make a big difference. Very nice, Craig!


Most importantly: No flies on the projector this morning.

My only staging thought is on the pulpit swap: make sure the stage tech who takes the one pulpit down and the stage tech who takes the other pulpit up don’t follow each other. In other words, they each should have their own path, so they don’t run in to each other on stage, have to wait for the other, etc. This whole pulpit swap thing really needs a name as it has become quite a point of discussion among the team from week to week, especially since Josh made humorous reference to it last week! We'll give out a prize to the one who coins the most creative name.

I saw Jon reach up to quickly adjust his DPA mic many times while he was preaching. Was there something not adjusted correctly beforehand that we could have taken care of? If so, we should make it a point to take care of that beforehand.


Πέτρος said...

Hey about:

Pulpination (or to pulpinate the stage)

Unknown said...

We could call the people carrying the pulpits "pulpiteers".

When you bring the small pulpit up it could be called "Joshification" and "Normalization" when the regular one is put up.