Thursday, October 23, 2008

10.19 Overdriven

As promised, here are Ben's thoughts on the weekend...

This is my first post to the ‘Reverb’ blog. Really, though, as a guitar player I’m not a big fan of reverb, so maybe I will call label my posts Overdriven or Telecasted. Just as long as the reader doesn’t think my posts are feedback and distortion!

Details...and details.

This Sunday, being a busier Sunday, was a good reminder of all the details that need attended to. Thanks for bringing all of your questions to me about when to move mic stands, when to put them down, how to change podiums (even though that was the last time we will change out the podiums like that). All of those details help avoid distraction...and its all of those details that I'm still learning to be on the look out for.

Friends from FL

Though I did not know the Josh and Les from Florida, I could tell they were very excited as I observed them observing what to us was a typical Saturday night evening. I’ve seen a number of people come through on a Saturday evening/Sunday morning who are simply observing how things operate at Covenant Life, and I don’t think their taking notice of families that serve with Christ like attitudes is anything to be overlooked. Honestly, it is uncommon, and for families like the Cowans and Schellhases to do it as often as they do with an accompanying Godly attitude is a great thing.

Person Speaking with the Band

One thing to keep in mind upon someone’s coming up on stage during/after worship is to display the least distracting shot. If someone in the band is in the background, its highly distracting and most likely makes the person in the background feel awkward as they are able to see the camera shot on the monitors in front of the stage. Most likely this means using CAM 1 as there is normally no one in the band behind the the person speaking center stage. Understandably, there are some Sundays (choir Sunday’s) where CAM 1 and CAM 2 will always have persons in the background.

Thanks, Ben.

Any more comments from the team?

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