Tuesday, October 14, 2008

10.12 Reverb

Well, it's been a couple weeks since I managed to put together a reverb post. I apologize for that, but I am adjusting to a new weekly schedule. In the long run, this new schedule should mean a more effective production team staff. In the short term, I'm goofed up.

Today, though, hope has come. I am on track for this week, the third week on the new schedule. And thus we have the reverb post I'm supposed to do on Tuesday morning.

What happened this last Sunday? Here's a brief reminder:
I have relatively few specific notes from this Sunday, so here they are in no particular order:
  • The lighting on the backdrop looked as good as ever. Thanks, Dave.
  • We used the wrong font on the new song, but I actually liked it better. I really want to change up our fonts occasionally.
  • The low-end on the mix was good, but occasionally either the loops or the electric guitar were a bit harsh.
  • I definitely get more volume complaints whenever Devon leads. However, it is clearly a style issue and not a loudness issue. We were running below normal levels this weekend.
  • Lighting operators should work to make the "front-line" folks - worship leaders and singers - slightly brighter than the band.
  • Big thanks to the entire team. The sound crew was shorthanded by two people and the video crew was without a video producer, but no one would have known. Thanks for taking up the slack and making it happen!
Finally, I want to do a quick followup on my last reverb post. How did we do applying the four ideas?

Upstage Creep - The band setup locations have been very good the last two weeks. Thanks, sound crews!

Intelligent Design - The lighting operators have definitely taken the time to focus lights accurately the last two weeks. Excellent.

Focus Toward You - We haven't quite hit this one yet. The first IMAG team to go an entire morning without requiring me to help adjust focus wins a prize: on their next serving week, I'll take the entire camera crew out for lunch afterwards.

Anticipating Lyrics - We did have a new song this last Sunday, and I thought Kathe did a pretty good job keeping up with the song lyrics. After a discussion with Ken, however, we agreed that the lyrics operators must be able to practice new songs with the band. This will mean an adjustment in arrival time when new songs are on the docket. Stay tuned, lyrics operators!

What would you like to say about Sunday?


Latricia said...

It was actually the right font, it just wasn't in bold. I updated it when I was working on the songs this morning. Would you like me to change it back?

Dave Wilcox said...

No, I'd like to leave the official files all in the same old font. We might change them occasionally, but not in the original files.

Anonymous said...


The shot of the speakers on your site, are they captures from the your IMAG or are the photos?

-- doug

Dave Wilcox said...

Hi, Doug.

Most of them are photos, but a couple are shots of the IMAG.