Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Random Changes Instead of Reverb

I definitely feel out of practice.

It's been about six or seven weeks since I've been able to really do my job as technical director. At the end of July we had the Rebelution Conference immediately followed by WorshipGod08 immediately followed by a work day immediately followed by a 10-day beach vacation immediately followed by the Acts production immediately followed by 7-day family trip.

But now I'm back and I'm out of practice. The production teams picnic on Sunday (pictures forthcoming soon) threw me way off kilter. I both forgot to post the Sunday message online before leaving the building and forgot to gather all the checklists and my notes on the meeting. Therefore, I am not comfortable posting a reverb post today.

Instead, in honor of CJ's mantra "Constant Change is Here to Stay," I want to note a bunch of random changes that have piled up recently.

Iglesia Gracia Soberana de Gaithersburg | Covenant Life's most recent church plant, Iglesia Gracia Soberana de Gaithersburg, had it's first official service on Sunday, September 7th. This is probably the most local church plant ever done, with the new church meeting about 200 yards away from the planting church. Yep, that's right, they meet in our Events Center. With that in mind, I have an important note for all Events Center Discovery Land tech volunteers: do not tear down your equipment when Sunday is complete. Gracia Soberana will use your setup, which means you can leave a little bit earlier.

No More Spanish Interpretation | With the official launch of Gracia Soberana, we will no longer be offering simultaneous interpretation into Spanish during our Sunday services. That means that stage techs will no longer need to set up the mixer in the green room. The fuzzy rack will return to it's former storage location under the mezzanine.

New DVD Players in IMAG Suite | After a challenging Sunday a few weeks ago, we have installed two new DVD players in the IMAG suite. They are more well-suited to live playback with big buttons and easy removal of all on-screen notications. One note for playback operators: I have confiscated the remotes for the DVD players. Please plan to press the buttons on the machines, and do let me know if this causes any problems.

New Battery Procedure in the Auditorium | We are testing a new battery organization system in the auditorium. We now have three containers of batteries, indicated by a certain number of "bars," which is the measurement system our wireless beltpacks use to indicate battery level. 4-5 bars are essentially new and can be used in services. 2-3 bars are for rehearsals only. 0-1 bars will be recycled at the next convenient opportunity.

What does this change?
  • All new batteries will be in the "4-5 bars" bin, so don't look for new batteries in packages.
  • When you pull out a transmitter, please check its battery level to see if you have the appropriate battery level for your use.
  • If you are heading into a rehearsal and have 4-5 bars, please switch out the batteries for a lower set.
  • Preferably, when an event is over, remove the batteries from the transmitter and place in the correct bin.
  • For the wireless in-ear beltpacks, you will need to use one of the lavalier beltpacks as a "battery tester."
That's all for the changes today. The reverb post will come tomorrow.

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Neumie said...

I like the battery procedure. Having new batteries in a bin is much more efficient and organized than having 10 packs of batteries on the shelf.