Tuesday, June 24, 2008

6.15 and 6.22 Reverb

It may seem like the reverb is muted these days and that life in the Covenant Life production teams mix is really dry. For that I apologize. I've been trying to cram entire weeks into a few days in order to take extra time off. Last Thursday and Friday I attended the wedding of one of my wife's friends. This weekend we're off to Louisville to visit my father, step-mother, grandmother, and step-sister. Please forgive me for missing last week's post and for combining the two into one today.

The last two weeks were the final messages in our sermon series on the Psalms. Don Devries spoke on fatherhood on the 15th out of Psalm 78 and Brian Chesemore spoke on the worshiper out of Psalm 95. If you missed either message, they are already available online here. Just a note to interested parties: Covlife.org 4.0 - our new website - launches this coming Sunday, so goodbye sermons page. Hello, resource library.

The last two Sundays were a couple of the smoothest in recent record, and I don't think that's just because I've forgotten so much in the posting delay. In light of how well they went (and how much I have forgotten), I won't go into area by area critique. Here are some of the points worth mentioning, though.

A Sunday Off - On the 15th, I had my first Sunday "off" ever while I was in town. Ben and Bram led all the aspects of the Sunday meeting. I had a radio on, but I just sat with my wife during the first service and tried to stay out of the way in the second. This coming Sunday, June 29th, Ben will lead while I'm on vacation, and probably in July I'll have my first "normal" Sunday experience in a very long time. Thanks, guys!!

Baptisms - The baptisms were fantastic this weekend. We didn't miss any microphones thanks to Nate and Julie. And the camera shots worked the best yet. We set up a rigid shot structure for the baptisms, which I think is worth mentioning here:
  1. Worship leader asks people to sit - Cam 1 tight on worship leader
  2. Introduce baptisms - Cam 4 tight on pastor
  3. Testimony - Cam 4 tight on the baptism candidate
  4. "In light of your profession..." - Cam 5 three-shot of pastors and candidate
  5. Out of the water - Cam 1 medium wide shot for modesty
  6. House director takes blank "logo" slide live
  7. Next person gets in - Cam 2 wide shot for transition.
  8. Next Testimony - Cam 4 tight on the speaker
  9. House director takes cameras live
  10. Repeat steps 3 through 9 until last person comes out of water, then replace step 6 with..
  11. House director takes lyrics live for immediate singing
We will go over this again with each camera crew as baptisms arise in the future.

Window Blinds Open - Due to popular demand, we tried running videos the last few weeks with the window blinds open. Did anyone notice? If so, what did you think? Please, please, leave your comments here. We really do need your reply on this one (because our staff is torn).

The Choir Returns - Not only did we have a choir this Sunday, but we had a choir that returned after the sermon. Nate, Patrick, and Christie were flying to get those mics back up during the sermon's closing prayer. Thanks for knocking it out, and thanks to Dave - one of our combo choir/sound volunteers - for making the last-minute adjustments on them.

One quick thought on being on stage: When any tech volunteer goes up on stage, it is helpful if you communicate two things with your body language and facial expression: 1) I'm supposed to be here; 2) I'm happy to be here. In other words, stand up straight, walk with purpose, and smile (you may just be on camera!).

That is really all I have to share at this point. Maybe I'll think of more details and post them in the comments. But I know you have some more thoughts, so add them.


brittany said...

Praise the Lord for Ben and Bram! That is SO cool that you will be able to have your first real sunday service. :) Thank you for the--literally--COUNTLESS hours you have put into undistracting our Sunday congregation!

as to the video/blinds situation, I did notice that they were still up right away, and I kept on looking around to see who was forgetting to do their job. :) However, for "the worshipper" video I kinda felt like it was appropriate to have the blinds open, since the video had such an open, wide fields feel. But, I, personally would prefer to have the blinds down for future videos. For me it was kind of distracting. --and I wasn't even sitting near the light.

Of course, everyone may have different opinions than mine, but you asked for comments so I'm giving them to you. :)

Thanks, Dave!

bill said...

I totally agree with the last comment. first, though I love serving under you, Dave, I do praise God when I go to clc events and not see you there working (even though that is extremey rare). you definitely deserve the help you are getting and I am grateful to God for providing Bram and Ben to your dept.

re: letting the sun shine in... wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. it is nice to have the shades open for worship (the singing part :) ), but it does take away from the video experience. some. fortunately the psalms series vids had super high contrast, so it wasn't so bad. and again I agree, for the worshipper intro it kind of worked...

Gabriel Spiro said...

Personally, I was distracted at the beginning because like britt, I was wondering who forgot their job, but it didn't take away from the experience of the video.

It would be nice to have the blinds down for videos, but for the message its okay to leave them up.

Unknown said...

I agree with ya'll on the blinds. I was wondering who messed up and left them open, but it didn't seem to wash out the video.

Unknown said...

yep... Ben & Bram did a GREAT job

for the blinds I knew that they were up on purpose and was somewhat distracted.

I think it depends on
where your sitting - up front center good / sides or bleachers bad

time of day - night good / day bad

weather - overcast good / sunny bad

video contrast - high good / low bad

Anonymous said...

Hey...I'm a lighting guy...I'm biased...With the blinds I have more control over the look, I find it less distracting allowing for the focus to be exclusively on the video. It also looks better if the video has lighter shades / contrast issues where it might be "washed out" buy the additional light. Not a sermon...just a thought.

David W. Hoover

Dave Wilcox said...

Another "anonymous" comment that came to my email box...

For what it's worth, I did notice that the blinds were open, but that may not signify anything since I was primed to notice from my previous week on IMAG.

I think for a video short like the Psalms intros it is not too distracting, but for a longer more significant video I would have them closed.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dave,

With the blinds up, there was less of an intimate atmosphere.

In Christ,

Peter Bang said...

I too was wondering why the blinds weren't closing so I looked over at where you were Dave. You didn't seemed bothered by it so I figured it was intentional. I was distracted by the light and would prefer the blinds being down. Thanks!