Thursday, May 01, 2008

Work Day Pictures

About once every three months, our tech teams reserve our entire building and converge upon it to clean, organize, and do maintenance. We call these work days, and we'll often throw in a longer-than realistic list of projects on top of our de-chaos-ing. In an effort to improve our stewardship, though, this last Saturday was a no-cost work day. We didn't do many projects. We mostly cleaned.

Here are some before and after pictures...

We filled more than one dumpster with cardboard.

And here are some of the small projects we tackled...

We chose a new set flat storage location. (Notice the mosquito net on the projector! That wasn't a work day project for this weekend, but provides a humorous flashback to another post.)

Camera 4 has a functioning monitor mount. Now, we just need to get the camera!

Tally lights on the camera director video monitors work again!

And the house director preview monitors can actually be seen from the house director seat!

Many thanks to everyone who came out to clean! May the fruit of your labors last for many months!

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