Thursday, May 22, 2008

Back in Louisville Na-gain

The Galt House is becoming my home away from home. I was here in April for Together for the Gospel. Now I’m back for my next conference experience, New Attitude, more affectionately known as Na (pronounced “nah” or “en-ay”).

Na will be a very different experience from Together for the Gopsel. Unlike T4G, when I could listen to the messages, I will have mixing responsibilities this weekend. And unlike T4G, when we sang to one voice and a piano, this full band will be driving and loud.

I posted the input list that the Na Band requested recently. I always enjoy working with this group, since they have some very nuanced arrangements between their three keyboards, three guitars, drums, bass, and beatbox. I am really excited about the opportunity to add a seventeen-person string ensemble. One evening will have a large choir, too.

I’m also excited because the Na Band just released their first album, Looked Upon (Lu), through NAP records and Sovereign Grace Music. I’m listening to it right now and really like it. While the live band will be significantly different in instrumentation and vocal arrangements, I want to be familiar with the lines, licks, and ear candy that define the sound of Lu. Hopefully I can bring some of that same flavor into the conference mixes.

I’d summarize my two main goals for Na as these:
  • Clear, comfortable speech levels at every seat in the room, so that we can all hear God’s word preached without distraction.
  • Powerful, enveloping music, so that we find it easy to sing to God in Spirit and truth.
Please pray that God helps me to serve these young men and women well. And please pray that God changes lives as only He can do.

If you are attending the conference, stop by and say “Hello” at the sound console next to the center camera platform. If you’re staying home, I will try to post regularly during the conference. However I may not get around to it due to a packed conference schedule and lack of wifi in the main hall. You will be able to follow our progress on my twitter page. Short posts that I can send from my phone are much more reasonable to pull off in the midst of crazy days.

Let’s get goiNa!

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