Sunday, April 27, 2008

4.27 Reverb Delay and Another Seminar

Just a note to all concerned citizens: Reverb will be delayed this week.

With the Members Meeting on top of our normal Sunday morning, and some hints that I may have a slight cold, I will be postponing my normal Sunday "Reverb" post until Tuesday. Also coming this week: Work Day Pictures and a post on Members' Meeting.

Until then, another WorshipGod08 seminar question. What would you teach in this class:

"Leading and Caring for Your Tech Team"

Comment here with your ideas. Thanks for the help!

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David MacKenzie said...

One thing CLC does that I think helps is every year, people serving on ministry teams need to fill out an application form that includes a recommendation from their small group leader stating that they're in a good place spiritually and participating in fellowship (I forget the wording). It helps emphasize the value that our hearts before God are more important than our skills.