Sunday, April 20, 2008

4.20 Reverb

We got some T4G reverb at Covenant Life today. Thabiti Anyabwile spoke this morning on The Guilty, kindly joining us in our series on the Psalms: Real Help for Real People. He proposed seven wrong responses to guilt, showed how David lived the right response to guilt in Psalm 51, and called us all to repentance. Video team members and others who have missed the message can listen here in the next couple days.

Some reverb from this Sunday:

Checklists and Questions
Since we've gotten through three of the four Sunday teams on the checklists, you probably won't see too much more from me here specifically on the checklists. But here are a couple notes:
  • We are going to try to track changes to the checklists. Anything that's been added in the last month will be highlighted. You don't have to read through the entire thing to see what is new.
  • Remember that the checklists are a good test of your knowledge. Please don't skip anything that you don't know how to do. Ask someone on your team to help, then - if necessary - ask Ben or me.
I love that the checklists are bringing up other questions, too. Here are a couple from the last week:
  • Is there supposed to be a video team meeting in the imag video control room at 11:10a? Yes! The entire video team should plan to meet with the video producer at 11:10a to go over notes from the first meeting. Please plan to wrap up any conversations you may be having at around 11:05 and make your way back up to the control room.
  • Is it necessary to be at our posts ten minutes early, or would five minutes do? Ten minutes before the service (8:50a and 11:20a) is the latest you should be back to your posts. As you know, occasionally there will be a last-minute change that we must propogate through the team. Five minutes just isn't enough time to make the necessary adjustments.
I've also received a request to see the checklists we're working with. You can download a few examples here, here, and here.

Sound - Overall Comments
Audio this Sunday went very smoothly. I thought the mix this morning was strong. It had plenty of energy and a good balance between the instruments. I did mention to Jim that I thought the vocals could have been warmer in the first service, and they seemed to improve in the second service.

I have a few little, teeny, random notes:
  1. If we have to move the worship leader's keyboard, we need to mark the floor where it belongs. Otherwise, we probably won't push it far enough forward when he comes back out.
  2. We need to get the pulpit up quickly for communion. Whoever is moving it should be ready in the front row at the beginning of the song in which communion will happen. This week the sound team was short-staffed, so don't fret Andrew. This is just a note for the future.
  3. For mixers, let's measure volume with the sound level meter set at C-Weighted and Slow Response. That's not the ideal measurement, but it's the one I feel most confident about. We're aiming for about 95dB at those setttings.
Lighting - Overall Comments
Philip did an excellent job with lighting this morning. He's really coming along in his setup and operation skills. A couple little, teeny, random notes for all lighting operators, too:
  1. The Psalms backdrop is just too bright on the video screen. Let's try next week to have it at its brightest only for walk-in. For the entire service, I want to cut it back to 50%. We'll see how it works before we make it a final policy for the rest of the series.
  2. Also, when we park the lights in Gym2 for the first service, we need to leave on the wall lights along the right hand side. That will make the bowl look symmetrical, and it will also provide light for the emergency exit from Gym2.
Video - Overall Comments
First, I want to thank the video team for paying close attention to my notes last week on handling ministry mic moments. We only had one this week, but you nailed it, my friends. There were also a heap of transitions throughout the first portion of singing, and those were right each time also. Excellent job!

Two things this week: hints and tips for camera ops and for Psalms video roll-ins.

Camera Ops:
  • Always Check Focus - Because shooting for worship and for speech is so different, please make it a practice to check your focus every time we move in from worship to speech. We have a fairly consistent pattern across all the teams to be focused too far away when we first come live on the screen. That's because the camera is still focused for the last shot from worship. Most likely, the backdrop looks in focus, but the foreground is slightly blurry. It should be the other way around.
  • Know Your Tripod - We have made some tripod switches in the last few months, and that's caused a learning curve for some. Make sure you know where all of the following are: horizontal lock, vertical lock, horizontal tension, vertical tension, vertical pushback, and level. If you can't picture in your head where each of those items are, make sure to check in with someone else on your team for clarification.
Psalms Video Roll-Ins:

The Psalms pre-sermon videos are an interesting phenomena. They are somber in mood, short in length, and are generally starting with audio over black. Right now we're about 50/50 on getting them right. Here are some thoughts and tips, and I want your suggestions, too:
  • I see no hurry to get into the video. A 2-3 second pause between "Let's watch this video" and the actual start of the audio is fine. Other videos that are more high-energy need a lock-tight start. These can breathe.
  • The same idea can be applied at the end. Let the music go all the way out, then lights up, and cameras on the screen. No rush.
  • We've had some audio transition issues with the graphics switcher, so my recommendation is that we have a three step process from cameras to dvd: 1) dissolve cameras to black; 2) load dvd on preview; 3) cut to dvd and play dvd at the same time.
  • Don't try to dissolve from the cameras to the dvd. You'll almost certainly miss some audio. Don't cut from cameras to dvd as that will be very abrupt. Follow the three step process, and you'll be forced to slow down and the audio will work correctly.
Thanks so much, my friends. As always, comments are open for your thoughts, questions, and suggestions.


brittany said...

Oh, I agree wholeheartedly with the psalms video. I had that thought during the second service that the Psalms videos were seeming a little too rushed. So, yes. amen, dave. :)

Peter Bang said...

I already shared this with you Dave, but I'll add this comment here! I was in the Viewing Room downstairs and the only feed we got during the DVD was the blank blue sky screen with audio. Not being able to see the DVD in the viewing room has happened almost every time I've been down there. If it's still not showing once the Matrix presets have been changed I'm not sure exactly where the problem lies so I thought I'd bring it up. Thanks!!

Dave Wilcox said...

Peter, I think I found the problem in the matrix programming. Was anyone in the viewing rooms during the second service? If so, did you see the video?