Monday, March 24, 2008

Tech Week Begins

Tonight began tech week for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at Covenant Life Church. The week leading up to our youth productions are always particularly demanding, but shows like this are such a great opportunity for guests to become familiar with the church.

The sound requirements include a small band, choir of about 20 girls, six men vocalists singing backstage, and the cast. We have 21 channels of wireless, 20 headset mics and 1 handheld. Since the show is all song with almost no dialogue, it's a challenge to keep everyone's levels in the right place. But it sounds great when we find that "sweet spot."

Our lighting options are limited due to our available fixture types and setup, so it won't be a whiz-bang kind of lighting extravaganza. Nevertheless, the team did a great job with the initial hang today, and it looked really nice even though the lighting designer had only really programmed for the first act.

The performances will be this weekend and next, and you can buy tickets here if you live nearby. Hope to see you there.

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