Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday Reverb - New Posts

Each Sunday at Covenant Life is a wonderful time together as a church family. God meets us and works in people's lives each week.

One of the ways that I want to grow is by taking advantage of each weekend experience to encourage the people on the production teams who make it happen and to spread the lessons learned to the whole group. In all honesty, I have tried several times to start up regular "Sunday in Review" emails, but I just haven't been faithful to keep doing them over time.

Regular encouragement and honest, forward-looking criticism are crucial tools for serving my team members, but I just haven't succeeded in providing this care. I need accountability, so I'm going to begin posting them here. God-willing, and by His grace, I will begin to write weekly posts called Sunday Reverb that will help encourage and strengthen our teams.

If you are from outside Covenant Life, I have two requests for you:
  1. If you see me NOT posting Sunday Reverb each week, please call me out. I'm not serving well! (This goes for you Covenant Life folks, too)
  2. Please understand that these posts may include terminology or applications specific to our teams here. For the sake of time on Sunday afternoons, I won't be explaining everything in these posts. Please feel free to ask questions, though, if there are aspects of what I write that you don't understand (or just don't agree with).
Thanks for your help, everyone!


Unknown said...

Dave, I'd encourage you to do the reviews first thing on Monday mornings, not Sundays as your post implies. I just think you are setting yourself up for disappointment if you commit to doing the reviews on Sunday; what if something goes really awry in one of the services? You spend Sunday afternoon reviewing that instead of enjoying the Sabbath (and more particularly the Lord of the Sabbath) with your family (cf. Mk 2.27, 28). What do you think?

Dave Wilcox said...


I really appreciate the care you are expressing here. Thanks for helping me think through my commitments.

You may be on to something, and the day of the reverb post may change. At this point, Monday is my day off and my Sabbath and our family day, so I'll probably either do it on Sunday or Tuesday. Up until now, my Sunday Review task has been on my schedule for Wednesday because we have our staff review of Sunday on Tuesday afternoon. But I've found that by Wednesday, my clarity of what happened on Sunday is about gone.

If you ever sense that I am brooding over problems on Sunday afternoons, please let me know. I don't want mistakes to rule my thoughts on any day. That probably means I'm fearing others more than I'm fearing God. Also, feel free to ask how my family is being impacted by this. I definitely would not want it to affect them negatively in any way.

Thanks again!


Unknown said...

good man.